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Brad’s Corner for Nov/Dec 2016

Brad PicHey Folks! I hope the month was as good to you as it was to me. The pictures I selected this month were from guys that may have had a bad day, but were having a good time while at it!


As we approach the end of 2016 I would like to thank all of you that have made this year one for the record books in many ways. The last time we checked, our current membership numbers put us at the 4th largest club in the AMA. Not too bad for a group of electric junkies with a dirt runway!


Seriously though, Thanks to all of you who made our club a welcoming place to visit for folks that want to see what it’s all about. Thanks to Jim for organizing and keeping track of the majority of our amazing events at the field. Thanks to Jeff, Chuy, and Scott for running the electroglide and FPV races. And thanks to those of you that participated in the events and made the competition so fun and lively! Thanks to Chief, Tom, and Dennis for their diligence in keeping the field and tables in good shape. Thanks to Isabel and Steve who volunteer to run membership and the web site. I don’t know how we would do this without them!


On a lighter note, thanks to Fred for greeting everyone with a smile and a piece of candy. Also a fond thank you to Lee, Dave, Eric, and especially Skip for the exuberance shown in keeping things interesting and fun!!


Saturday the 28th is an important day for members, and I hope you show up at the fun fly and meeting. Not only is it Warbird day, and meeting day, it is also time to vote for your club officers to take us through 2017. Come out and support your favorite candidate! For those who have thought that they would like to help out in some way, but are reluctant to actually try for a position on the board, I encourage you to get involved in managing one of the monthly events next year, maybe take some of the load off of Jim…


The first week of December will mark open membership renewal for the club. Have you renewed your AMA yet? Steve will send out an e-mail blast when the forms are active on the web site and the PayPal account is set up to receive funds. Also starting December 1st , I will be accepting reservations for the club holiday banquet set to occur on 14 Jan. at the Admiral Kidd club. This is on a Naval base in Point Loma, but Non-military people can attend as long as we get your name on their access list for the evening of the event. Like last year we will be accepting a 5 dollar deposit to reserve your seats and get everyone who attends a ticket for the raffle. You will be able to either pay your deposit via the family/friend feature of PayPal, or with cash to any board member. There will be more specific info and instructions coming on the first, but one thing I would like to start stating now so there are no surprises: Reservations will close on December 30th or when we hit 150 guests. There will be no late adds as we are required to have attendee names to the military establishment by the 31st.


As I mentioned earlier, this month’s event is Warbird day. If it is a model of an actual aircraft used in combat somewhere, bring it and fly it for a chance at $150.00 worth of prize money! Around noon we will have the meeting/voting and finish up with a hot dog lunch.


Hope you all score some good hobby related deals this month!