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Brad’s Corner for Sept/Oct 2016

BradSeptember turned out quite a bit nicer than usual this year! I hope you all enjoyed the cooler weather, and a touch of rain! If you needed practice with crosswind landings, you had a perfect month!  After we swept the loose stuff from the field on Jet day, Jim wet down with the water trailer gave us a great surface. Jim believes that will be the way to go for future maintenance, skipping the roller.


Speaking of Jet day, Thanks again to all of the people that showed up with brooms and shovels to help clear the sand from the field. There are a few of you that I don’t see much on weekends that always show up when we ask for help, and I really appreciate it. There is a great feeling of support from you guys instead of just leaving stuff like that for the board of directors. There will be some activity at the rotorplex in the next few weeks as additional tables are added, along with some fencing to keep random spectators from just wandering on to the course or into the landing zone blindly. Please be patient when these events occur at they can only improve the experience.


There are still a few people joining monthly, so thanks again for the welcoming attitudes when people come from outlying areas to check out our field. In another record breaking month, we are now at 420 members. The highest EVER, with 3 months to go.  There are a few guys on the fence about joining this late in the year as we do not pro-rate our membership. We go from December to December. If you know someone holding out, please remind them that most clubs within 60 miles of us charge between 15 to 80 dollars a MONTH anyways, so 45 dollars to finish out the year at our great club is a bargain! Membership also allows participation in our monthly fun fly’s for prize money, and the other monthly events like drone/wing racing, and electroglide each with a chance of winning trophies and prizes associated with the event. In the same line, members are also eligible to attend our 2016 year post holiday banquet on 14 Jan. Planning is well underway for another great event, and I know there were some disappointed people who missed last years event because they were not members in 2015.


A year ago the AMA started doing 12 month memberships instead of year to year. Most of us are on a renewal cycle that ends on December 31st. Those of you who joined the AMA after September 01 2015 will be expiring at the anniversary of your sign up. Isabel will send you a renewal reminder e-mail. Even though your member badge is good through December, you will be restricted from flying until your AMA insurance is renewed. Please keep looking and asking people to display their member badges. Recently there has been a previous member flying without AMA or club membership that seemed surprised when Jim asked him not to fly. Why should others blatantly receive for free the benefits you paid for with your membership?


We are still having issues with people leaving the gate open when our site is not occupied by members. Please take this to heart. People are doing donuts in the parking lot and dumping various waste in our area when they think they can get away with it. Keep our site safe!!  The rangers moved the boulders around to make it harder for people to slip through, but when members leave the gate open, it negates any security we may have. We installed another 5MPH sign, this time on the gate itself. While there are still random people blowing in like their last name is Andretti, most of the members have been slowing down, Thank you!


My favorite buddy Skip came to the field a couple of times this month and flew in a safe manner without screams and people ducking for cover. I don’t know whether to feel proud or let down that I have no death defying tales to add to the newsletter…


Again, we will be accepting nominations in October for people interested in taking a hand in guiding the club in 2017. You can self-nominate, or a friend can nominate you. Please don’t nominate someone without checking with them first – this is all voluntary. A few people have mentioned their intention to try for a position and I appreciate them stepping up! The majority of the current board has agreed to run for next year, but there will be a few officers changing position, and one or two empty seats to fill. The actual voting will occur at the November meeting.


This week’s meeting and fun fly will be on the 24th. The event will be scale day, so if you have a scale looking plane that is modeled after a FULL SIZE aircraft (no fun jets) bring it and fly it between 10 am and 12 PM to have a chance at the monthly prizes. No restrictions on military or civilian, so bring it!  Following the fun fly, we will have the monthly club meeting, and lunch prepared and served by the board.


Have a safe month!



[Apologies from your editor for getting this newsletter out late, making the above Scale Day event info obsolete. – Ed]