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Brad’s Corner for September/October 2015

Brad & UglyWow! What a September!


We broke numerous heat records and also a rain record that had stood since 1906. When we saw the rain predictions we were hoping a good wetting down would firm up the west end of the runway until the next scheduled maintenance. It came out looking great (only a few footprints) and will easily get us to the next scheduled day with the water truck / industrial roller.


I mentioned a couple of things at the last club meeting, but wanted to throw them into the newsletter for those that do not always make the meetings at the field: We are starting our search for the image we will put on the 2016 badges. If you have a really great shot of planes or people at our site please e-mail them to me The board will select 10 finalists around the end of October – and our membership coordinator, Isabel Guidice, will make the final selection.   Also, I mentioned the support we have received from John Weaver, Owner of Discount Hobby Warehouse. For the last couple of years John has never batted an eye when we ask him to help with prizes or gift certificates in support of our events or raffles. He usually discounts us at least 20% off or better. When you are in his store and happen to run into him, please give him some personal feedback. I know he enjoys a “thanks” from time to time. Since I know his support for us comes right out of his pocket, I tell him thanks every time I see him!


A couple of things seem to recur no matter how many times we mention them, so they still need mentioning…  1. We had more reports from people on the cement footpath of multi-rotor aircraft flying over their heads. Our boundaries are 100 feet from the footpath/road. If you are over the dirt path, you are too close. Also a few people reported being buzzed at less than 10 feet while walking out to recover downed aircraft. Remember, we need to stay farther than 25 feet from any living things while in flight. These incidents have an immediate effect on the people who share Mission Bay Park with us, and if they do not stop ( NOW! ) it could ultimately lead to a vote to ban multi-rotors and FPV flight at our club. 2. The Flight Pattern should match the takeoff / landing pattern that is determined by the prevailing wind. Our pattern is normally right to left over the runway, into the wind – and left to right over the field for the downwind leg. If all pilots observe this it greatly reduces the chance for head on collisions. If there is no wind ( rare ) the pattern stays right to left, and if the wind comes from the east – then we shift left to right. A few members continuously fly exactly opposite, and some ONLY fly over the runway-both ways. If you are the only pilot in the air, this is not an issue – but why should everyone else have to dodge you? 3. There were a couple more crashes into the pits and a vehicle damaged this month. No blood, but a lot of surprise since in all of the incidents I heard about, no warnings were called out. If you do not have solid control of your aircraft and it comes over the fence line, YOU (yes YOU) MUST shout “HEADS UP!” to warn members and give them a chance to avoid possible injury.


We had a great time on Jet Day! Only 13 pilots actually flew, so the odds of winning a gift certificate were really good. (3) $25 gift certificates were awarded for best military, best civilian, and pilots’ choice. Each person that flew a jet was given a raffle ticket for the last certificate. Thanks to Jojo who won the RTF Jet (donated by Vince). Jojo gave the jet to a young member who had it flying the next day. I had no chance of winning anything, but no one complained that I was flying a prop-jet instead of a ducted fan. Paul and Tony made the dash to COSTCO to get the foot long dogs and made it back just as the club meeting ended. Thank you!


The board spoke in depth about our past experiences with Barter Day at our field. We agreed that is not in our best interest to continue this event. It could be perceived as holding a swap meet, which would not present well to the city. That being said, the last swap meet event in the county will be held by the Weed Whacker club in Lakeside at Cactus Park on November 7th.


Jim has been managing the electro-glide contest for the last 7 years. He is ready for a break. He has asked at numerous events that the participants either take turns running the event monthly, or have each person take a year to spread it around. Sadly, no one has stepped up to bat. If no one volunteers to run with this by the end of November this will be our last year. It sucks to let it go after 18 years, but I am not going to ask Jim to do it next year, if there is not enough interest in the current group to keep it going…


We are still getting a couple more new members each month that are paying for the rest of this year. Sorry, we do not pro-rate membership. It will be easier if you think about it this way: the other clubs in our area charge $15-$50 bucks a month anyways – so $45 dollars to finish off 2015 at our great site isn’t as bad as it sounds outright. While talking about membership, I know most of you purchased your 2016 AMA membership before the price increase on the 15th. Please DO NOT attempt to renew your SEFSD membership now. Our system is not set up to process next year and then there will be a hassle refunding you. Please wait until you receive the e-mail blast letting you know we are ready for 2016. Also, we are no longer accepting 2-year memberships. One year only starting 2016. Our antiquated system can only do one year at a time and it is difficult to manually track anything out of the ordinary. If you paid for 2 years last year, Isabel will process your payment.


Our holiday banquet committee has finalized our plans for the end of year banquet. Not to steal their Thunder, I will let them make the announcement at the club meeting on the 26th, Should be a great time for all.


This month’s event will be scale day on the 26th. If it looks like a real plane, and you can fly it like a real plane, Bring it!!! The event will start at 10:00 and the meeting will run between 11:30 and noon followed by freshly cooked dogs, chips, and liquid refreshment.


It should be another warm one, Hope to see you there!