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Brad’s Corner

Brad  Membership day at the field on Jan 10th was a big success! We had around 30 people meet with Isabel and Paul to get their membership on track. Quite a few stuck around for lunch and it was a great day for flying.  Please remember to wear your 2015 badge on your person while flying , and try not to get upset when someone asks you to wear it if needed. Remember, this is YOUR club and no one will hold it against a paid member who is asking to see a badge.

 That being said, If you haven’t renewed yet – Now is the time!   Non-members are only allowed to fly (with AMA) 3 times in a calendar year, and must be signed in to the guest log with a member as a sponsor.


 There have been a few recent situations where a non-member, non-AMA person has felt he could Bully us into letting them fly at our site because it is “City Property”. Please don’t take the bait and escalate the situation. We are right – they are wrong. Kindly explain to them that we rent the property and every member has signed a legal waiver of liability with San Diego to use the site. The city has posted signs at the access gate that state “Authorized Vehicles only” and ” Membership required” at the access gate and at each gate on the flight line. If they still attempt to fly, we can call the police and the rangers to have them removed from the site. If they get really belligerent, attempt to get a photo of them and their license plate in case we need it. We will write the rangers emergency contact number on the back of the clubs information board.


 At the next Board meeting we will be discussing and approving the 2015 event calendar. There were a lot of great events organized by Jim last year that we plan to carry over to 2015. Returning will be the FPV Races, Poker Fun Fly, Bomb Drop, ” Don’t spill the beans”, Rotor Day, Jet Day, and Foamy Frenzy. New this year will be events in support of International drone day on March 14th.  There are a couple of months left and I would like some feedback from club members of any event you have been thinking of that can be enjoyed by general flyers (no special skill required). I am also looking for a couple of people that are interested in being more active in the club to let us know you would like to be involved in setting up or even running some of the events. Jim has done an AMAZING job, but I don’t want to wear him out and it would be nice if he could participate in a few events himself this year…
We currently have not planned any full day events, so there will be open flying before and after.


 There are quite a few new members already this year. I challenge each of the more ” SEASONED”  flyers to remember their early challenges and share some of their experience with the incoming generation. Whether helping to educate them on batteries and their safe use / building suggestions/ or help with their first flights to success, I know they will value your time. Please don’t be afraid to ask if they need help, sometimes it’s just what they need and are hesitant themselves to ask.


 Last, One of our most experienced members had a serious lipo fire recently, there were also a few vehicles damaged by fires at the field last year. I would like everyone to take a few moments to frankly evaluate how they have been charging and storing their batteries. Current charging technologies are pretty good at detecting faults, but they are far from perfect and even a small fire can be devastating.  [Let’s not get complacent, it can happen to any of us.  Want proof, click here.]


Here’s to a great year!!


Brad Bender

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