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Chairman’s Corner for Apr – May 2021

Hey fellow Flyers!

April has been amazing for flying, and summer is almost upon us. Enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can.

This month Jovi and I are going to talk about different sides of a couple of similar items.

  We have received our signed copy from the City of our right of entry permit to enter and use our flying site in Mission Bay Park for the next 36 months. A couple of things I have to mention: article 27 in our permit clearly states that our premises shall be utilized and operated in a Smoke, Vape, and drug-free environment. The permit also states that an inspection can be conducted at any time, without notice. Please take the stated activities ( NO Drugs!) into your personal vehicle if you have to do them on site, and not in any outdoor areas of Mission Bay Park. Our permit also requires us to ensure that all persons utilizing our site are a full member of the AMA and a SEFSD club member that has signed the city of San Diego waiver of liability with SEFSD. Sometimes we get the occasional Lawyer who tells us that they don’t need to join the club to fly, and we have it in writing that they do.

 Next, I want to touch on the use of gyros, and the impression of confidence they can instill.  Jovi has a good story about his RC airliner. Recently we have had quite a few new members show up with aircraft that have safe receivers installed. While I appreciate the way new pilots can use SAFE technology to understand the basics of flight and resolve initial orientation problems, some pilots are continuing to rely completely on the Gyro to fly the airplanes, some on their 4th or 5th plane. If something happens and the Gyro is disabled, or they think to themselves that they are “ FLYING MASTERS” and buy a plane without a Gyro and take to the skies – then there’s an accident in the making. It would be a shame to destroy an aircraft, or hurt somebody.  Once you understand the basics of how to fly, please get one or two mistakes high and turn SAFE mode off and learn to fly without it. Use it as a tool, not a crutch.

Covid. Please continue to do what you feel is necessary to protect yourself and your family! As positivity rates and people suffering severe sicknesses continue to decline in the county, we will be considering returning to a more normal event routine. This month saw the return of your Electroglide contest, and we just had our fourth T 28 pylon race of the year. Stand by for more information about a possible event in July, and restoration of club meetings at the field with fun flies. Jovi is considering what event to kick off with when it’s determined safe to gather outdoors in groups potentially larger than 50 people.

One last note, as you are calling out your activities on the field such as taking off, landing, or on the runway, please ensure that you are communicating loudly enough so other pilots in the air can hear you. Sometimes I hear people whisper to themselves, and then takeoff without looking and nearly caused a catastrophe. Don’t be that person, loudly announced your intentions! If you hear someone weakly call out, feel free to pass on their information in a loud voice for them. On Race day we had a member use his child voice to say ( quietly) “emergency landing”, then come in a few feet over Franks and Brad A’s head as they were on the runway at the time.  SAFETY has to be first in our thoughts guys!

It’s again time to think about replacing your ailing lawn furniture before summer, please think of us and bring your less than ideal looking – but serviceable- old chairs to the site.

I am looking for volunteers to help me keep the perimeter rocks properly arranged. We often have people move rocks to gain access when the gate is locked and we need to keep that under control. I seem to keep hurting myself moving the rocks alone, and would appreciate help!

Thanks to Dennis for some great Weedwacker work this month, and Nico for painting NO PARKING onto the poles as you head towards the gate.

PLEASE Lock the gate if you are the last member leaving. If someone is there and you are not sure if they are a member, please take the initiative, and ask. Tell them you are locking the gate. Most of them will leave.

I have included pics of my 5th 40% plane and the motor installed. Size is no longer a limiting factor for electric flight, and Big flies better. Feel free to contact me if you want to start a big project and would like some suggestions.

Have a great month, and get your flying in before it gets too hot!