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Chairman’s Corner for April – May 2023

Hello Folks, I hope all are doing well and I hope all enjoyed this past Easter.  The weather lately has been in our favor, and it looks like it is going to continue, so just maybe we are out of the raining season.  Thanks to Dennis LaBerge and Scott Vance for helping Dennis with maintain the field, it sure looks great!  Please say Thanks to Dennis and Scott for doing a great job next time you see them!   I have notice that our Roto Plex field needs some TLC and I plan on going over there to clean it up and reset the course and make the field look a little better than it does.  I am looking for volunteers to help our in cleaning the Roto Plex field on May 7, 2023, that is a Sunday, it would be greatly appreciated if any of you could help. I would very much like to bring the Roto Plex field back to descent looking field.  I have notice that some people are flying at the Roto Plex, and they don’t have AMA or have joined our club.  I ask that if any of you see someone flying, PLEASE go over and confirm that they are members.  Just this past weekend, this one gentleman was flying his Helicopter no more than 20 feet for SeaWorld Drive.  That we all know is not acceptable.  If this guy were to crash his helicopter on the road, we can all say “Good-bye” to our field!  It is in your best interest to go over, make conversation in a polite way and asked if they are members, as well of telling them where too and not to fly!  If they have AMA, and show it to you, they may fly for the day, but tell them to join our club, which will give them full access to our field. It’s also not a bad idea to ask if they have TRUST and having FAA number on the quad or the helicopter, just inform them that the FAA could make a surprise visit. Speaking of TRUST and FAA numbers, I hope all members are up to date and have their FAA number on their aircraft.

It appears that some members (names will not be mentioned) who believe that they can fly above the 200 feet.  I guess I need to tell you that you cannot fly above 200 feet.  We clearly have that spelled out along the fence line at each gate.  This one individual told me that it was ok to Spike above the 200-foot mark.  Not sure where he is getting his information.  As of 2018 the rules changed on us and in those rules, they is no Spiking allowed.  His father kept insisting that it was league.  He of course did not want to argue with me and for good reason, he knows that I am correct and this induvial was not.  They only come out during the week and occasionally on a Saturday.  This gentleman has been told many times not to do this and he keeps insisting on doing it when he feels like doing it.    This could very much loose our field.  We can’t afford to have one bad apple sour our fun of flying airplanes.   I ask you, here as well if you see anyone going above the 200-foot, let them know that they are in violation of our rules and must descend. 

UCSD is coming back to our field for the second year now to preform “UCSD aircraft design fly-off”.  This is going to happen on June 16, 2023, with Professor John Hwang who will be a member of our club when this event is held, and they will be using the field from 8 am to 12 noon.  The field will be closed during those hours.  It will reopen to all members just as they conclude their event.  You are all welcome to watch the event and give a little advise to the 7 to 8 groups that will be there.  Steve Manganelli and Dennis Laberge will be the two main Pilots from our club that will provide the majority of the support, so Please coordinate with them on this event.  It was pretty cool last year, from what I had heard.  I also request if any of you can bring your camera with you to take some pictures of this event so we can post them in our Newsletter, I think that too would be cool.  If any of you have questions about this event, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to answer them.

Starting this coming Saturday, our Monthly Meeting, we are going start off the Raffle in which we will be Raffling off a New iX 14 Spektrum Radio along with other items included in this raffle. The reason for the Raffle is to generate more money for our Banquet on January 12, 2024.  Yes, we will back at the Air and Space Museum for our 3rd consecutive time.  Being underneath the PBY is one very cool experience.   We are working very hard to reduce the cost to our members for the Banquet and hoping this will bring more of our members to enjoy the festivities.  This Raffle will be a tremendous boost for the banquet, alone with Brad’s, 50/50 which we play at every T-28, Electrogilde and our monthly meetings.  And in each time, we play 50/50, I have seen many happy members walking away, thrumming thru the cash!  Last Saturday, Allen was the winner with just one ticket.  Way to go Allen.  The Raffle will begin on April 22, 2023, and goes all the way up to July 1, 2023.  4th of July is on a Tuesday this year and we will celebrate the 4th on Saturday July 1st.    Every Club Member may purchase a raffle ticket, each ticket will cost a Buck.  Yes, that is $1.00 to win an iX 14 radio.  Each member may purchase as many tickets as they choose too.  I know I’m going to get a bunch of tickets for iX 14 radio…. OMG.  You will be able to go to our web site to purchase your tickets.   I will be selling tickets every Saturday down at the field, so make sure you get them!   As it now stands, we are generating a good chuck of cash for our banquet in which we will be able to reduce the cost to our members.  I do want to thank all of you for making this happen!

Up-date on the DC-3.  My new job has been amazing, and I truly enjoy building the real full-scale aircrafts, which has not given me the time to work on the DC-3.  I have started to build up the nacelles.  Once I get them completed, I would say that I about 75% done building.  Still, I have not decided on what the DC-3 will be, maybe PSA, or an earlier version of Hawaiian Airlines… 

Happy Flying!