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Chairman’s Corner for December 2021

SEFSD Members and Friends,
As 2021 comes to an end, so does my time as Chairman of the Board of Directors for SEFSD. I plan to continue being a presence on the weekends, and still offer assistance to all as needed. As I pass the Torch to Jovi Murek, please thank him and the other BOD members for stepping up when you can.
I would like to thank each of you for your friendship and open camaraderie over the last several years as that is what makes our club the best in Southern California. I encourage all to get involved with events to your liking, and always encourage members to sit on the BOD periodically to help guide the club in positive directions. This will keep our club growing dynamically, and increase everyone’s enjoyment. I am always proud to be a member when I see your friendly and helpful attitudes as you welcome people with dreams and a new plane as they arrive on site!
There are still several seats available for the yearly Banquet currently scheduled for 15 Jan at the Edgewater Grill. I highly encourage those that can attend to ensure you make this one!! Even though the cost of everything has gone WAAAYY up this year, The BOD agreed to absorb the increased Banquet costs to give you an amazing event with great dinner selections and LOTS of really great raffle prizes (for both the guys and the ladies). All while maintaining the same out of pocket cost-per-seat to members as in previous years. This value may not be available in the future as costs continue to rise – so strike while the iron is hot!! I really hope to see you there. [See below for banquet information]
Along with 2022 comes the requirement to renew your club membership – again without an increase in dues. ANOTHER BARGAIN!! Please remember that we do not pro-rate membership and all 2021 badges are considered expired on January first. Renewal is easy on the web site: as well as the purchase of your banquet tickets. Our membership coordinator, George Sullivan plans to be at the field this weekend (and possibly next weekend) with the new badges for members that have renewed their membership this month. Expect any badges not claimed by the 9th to be mailed to you. As a reminder, please wear/display on your person your current membership cards while utilizing our site. Your new cards will feature an amazing image selected by Eric Shapiro, and will have the 2022 combination to the locks at the gate and on the porta-potty, which will change effective 15 Jan.
As some of you know, I had a serious medical condition arise late November and have been away from the club since. I would like to put out a heart felt “ THANK YOU!” to all of the members that sent cards, texts, mails, and thoughts to me and my family. We appreciate it so much that words are hard to find. I am 2 weeks out of heart bypass surgery, at home, and getting better every day. I actually had my Physical Therapist (terrorist) tell be to slow down today as I am up to walking 3 hours a day and she thinks I am pushing myself too hard. While a month or two off of work is never a bad thing, I am still limited to lifting less than 5 pounds for the next couple of weeks so cant fly or even work on any airplanes. I do plan to come out for a few hours this weekend though. Randy offered to put on his “ driving Mr. Bradley “ hat and drive me to and from the site.
On an interesting note, just as all of this hit me I found and purchased a used plane I have been trying to locate for a few years, and of course – now I can’t drive…. If anyone has plans to travel to ( or halfway to ) the Phoenix area in the next 5 weeks and would be willing to accept some gas money to bring a plane back with you – I would greatly appreciate it!! It will be airframe only with a 96” fuselage.
While this will be my last submission as a Member of the BOD, I do plan to slip Steve, our Editor, an article from time to time. So should you!! I see some great machines every weekend and would enjoy knowing more.
Again, Thank you all, and I hope you have a great 2022!
Brad Bender