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Chairman’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2023

Hello Folks, here we are at the end of February and I have seen some members still have not renewed their membership and are flying.  Just to let you know, last year’s badge is expired. Please go online and renew your membership. If you are seen flying and not wearing your badge, you will be asked to always show and wear it. If you did not renew when asked to and this is the 2nd notice to you, you will be asked to land and not fly until you renew. Pull your phone out and renew, then go fly. Thank you. As far as our membership goes, we are well ahead of last year numbers, Thank you to you all. Two factors go out to why our field is looking so good, one was the “Dust Down” that is working out good for us! Thanks to Quan in managing the field. 2nd Factor, Dennis! Notice no weeds in the runway and have you seen both ends of the runway, it’s all nice and clean and maintained. A Big thank you goes out to Dennis! We are expecting rain for the next week, so it appears. Once again, after it rains, PLEASE let the field dry out before flying any airplane and if you do, DON’T walk on the muddy field, and leave footprints, if your airplane is on the other side of the runway, (north side), Please walk around the field to retrieve and walk around again. Last time I checked my airplane does not do well with large potholes. And speaking of rain, if it is coming down on Saturday (expecting Heavy Rain) we will be canceling our monthly event for February and perhaps our Contest Director may put a make-up together for next month….of course this is only my suggestion….And if there is no rain, then we will be out at the field having our Monthly meeting and fun fly. Look for a late notice on Friday in your email.
Our President, Brad, been working on the 50/50 and I’d like to say Thank You all for participating in our fund raiser for next year’s banquet. So, far the turnout has been tremendous, let’s keep great momentum going! I’m not sure how much we have raised but it’s looking good for us all. Thanks, Brad, for managing the 50/50 game! Also, I want you all to be on the lookout for coming engagements this year (4th of July and Labor Day, tentative) and, in these engagements, we will be planning some real nice prizes that we will be offering in a raffle. I will have more on this by next month when we start the raffle! Yes, it’s going to be fun! So, keep an eye out for future flyers that will be coming your way! My apology, but this is all that I have for now. Look below for I have an article on the build up of the DC-3. Got the wing in progress! Thank you all

Happy Flying!