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Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb ’24

Happy New Year SEFSD, hoping all had a great Holiday Season.  I know mine was great!  I also hope all the members who came to our Banquet this past month, had a great time.  Special thanks go out to Lisa and her crew for doing a fabulous job in serving that great meal that she provided us!  I do hope all of you who came to the banquet said Thank You to Lisa and her crew! The sad part was that a couple of guests were not very cooperative and served them self’s and made complaints to Lisa which was totally uncalled for.  Thank You Lisa for job well done and I look forward towards next year and your service.  We did have one situation come up that day and that was the museum was closed for the day and did not open until 5 pm.  My apology to all of you who may have arrived earlier in the day to tour the museum.  The good news is that we have passes for the members who did go to the banquet and Steve Magnarelli has them, so please go see him and collect your pass to visit the museum at your earliest convenience.  We had a lot of winners this year due to the hard work that Brad and I have done in collecting extra money for the prizes we gave away.  Brad handles the 50/50 to lower our cost for the banquet and the 4th of July raffle got extra cash for more airplanes.  Congrats goes out Bruce for winning the iX 14 radio which I sure he will enjoy.  Brad has once again started the 50/50 to lower next year cost.  Thanks, Brad, for all your work you have done.

You know this is a subject that we seem to have to discuss many times and that is how you act at the field when flying.  I still see pilots flying in any direction that they feel is right.  In some case that may be true, but in others it is not.  Please remember that when you’re flying always check the windsock to see the direction the wind is coming.  If no wind is present our normal flight direction is Right to Left meaning clockwise is the direction.  If the wind is coming from the east and it is a light wind, many of us still fly Right to Left.  However, if nobody is in the air and the sky is clear and the wind is coming out of the east, yes you can change the direction of flight, Left to Right, counterclockwise.  Then everyone must fly that direction, you cannot just go Right to Left.  There will be a midair collision and we all know we don’t want that to happen, right!  So please, pay close attention to who is flying and the direction they are in the air.  Also remember, some pilots are practicing T-28, and we now have pop-wings back in the loop as well, just follow the rules in the correct direction.  Once again, if no one is flying, yes you can practice the T-28 and pop-wing and fly the course.  And last note, call out your attentions, take-off, fly-by, landing and HEADS-UP, that is the most important one if you are losing control of your aircraft and you’re near the Pits, which I should not have to remind you all that Flying over the pits and the parking lot are PROHIBITED.  And remember to yell it out so EVERYONE can hear you!

We have received complaints about us having the RED-Lock when it rains, and the Drone pilots are unable to use the drone field.  When the RED lock is in place the entire field is closed.  Even if drone pilots don’t use the runway, the field is closed, and we will not give out the combo of the RED lock to those drone pilots as they have requested.  The RED lock is working extremal well in keeping our runway in good condition and is preventing Dennis from having to repair the runway every time it rains.  I do want to thank every member for their continued corporation in understanding this rule.

This Saturday is our Club meeting and our event for this weekend will be the Poker Fly.  Jim has a great event for us each and every month.  So, get ready for a fun day at the field!


Chairman of the Board.