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Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2021

Guys, let me start 2021 by saying “Thank YOU” to our board of directors! Also, well deserved Thanks to Steve our Editor, and George our membership Coordinator! Thanks for stepping forward to keep our club steady during perilous times.

We face challenges on many fronts: Thanks to everyone for continuing to practice social distancing while on site. I have seen folks keeping distance, and wearing masks when distancing is not possible. While our area qualifies as a safe, outdoor activity – we still need to project compliance with park/county/state Covid guidelines. Also, altitude limits were imposed by the FAA and Air Traffic Control and we were required to sign compliance in December of 2018 to continue operations at SEFSD…  We are 2 years in to the 200 foot limit, and while we don’t have a ruler in the sky and know some folks come close for a few seconds here or there, a few of the members will get some very pointed letters from the board about putting the club at risk by their obvious activities.  Finally, Remote ID. A proposed rule has been disseminated. While it seems likely that non-hobbyist drones in general airspace will require remote ID transponders, it sounds as if we will not have to put transponders in every aircraft that flies at our site under the auspices of Hobby club membership at a recognized FAA Blue Dot club, and membership in a community based organization (AMA). We will still be required to register with the FAA as hobbyists and put our number on each aircraft. A couple of the board members have been digging into the nearly 500 page document – and will give their impressions moving forward. The AMA is involved with fighting for hobbyist rights, and we will get more guidance over the next 30 months. It is in our best interest to keep the club open by following protocols and rules as written.

Membership renewals are moving along well. We changed the combinations at the gate and the portable restroom last week and most people have adapted to the new locks. The combination is on the back of your 2021 membership card.  If you renewed very recently and have not received your card yet, shoot me an email the night before you fly and I will send you the combo. If you have not been to the club since the new locks went on, I recommend you read the club e-mail that was sent on 14 and 18 Jan describing the differences of the new locks. Quite a few non-members have been showing up recently from other clubs. Welcome them, ensure they understand our safety protocols, and inform them that guest privileges are good for up to 3 visits. If they like the site, please join!

Quite a few people have asked me in the last year to let them know when I plan to downsize my RC fleet. I am running out of space so I will be moving 40-50 planes of all sizes and types on to new owners over the next few months. I will offer fair prices to club members before going to the forums for sales. Let me know if you want to be on my mailing list. I will send mails to that group first based on stated interest, ask Steve to put them on the web site for a few weeks, then post to forums.

Have a great month!


Brad with Mamba