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Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2022

Chairman’s Corner:

Happy New Year to all Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego!  I hope everyone had a great and healthy Christmas.   Well, here we are in 2022 and we still have COVID lingering around.   With the number of new cases every day, the SEFSD board elected to postpone our Banquet till February 19, 2022 (CORRECTION, THE BANQUET IS ON THE 18TH AT 6PM).  We are hoping that the conditions greatly improve by then.  If COVID still persists we will have to postpone another month.  I sincerely apologize for having to do this, but I want to look out for the safety of our members and I want all members who are attending to feel safe.   We still have plenty of room for indoor sitting, so I urge you to get your tickets.   This will be a fun event and I hope to see many of you at the banquet.  In the meantime, we will keep you updated on any changes that may occur.  I would like to say how great it is to see both Brad and Carl are doing on their respected surgery’s.  Both are getting better each day!  Congrats guys!    Hey, where’s Alan????

Membership renewal is going very well, and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support of our club. As of January 15, 2022, the grace period for renewing your membership has expired.  The gate and porta-potty combinations have changed and the only way to get the code is to renew your membership today.  I would like to take a few minutes to let our members know that when out at the field we are to always display our badges.  The city requires that all pilots be members and the city manager may come in unannounced periodically and checks for badges on pilots.   I have seen a few pilots who have not worn the badges and I also know a lot of members may not ask if the pilot is a SEFSD member.  As I have said in my last newsletter, we are required to wear our badges while we are at the field and wanting to fly.  Anyone may come to the field and be with us for the day, but if you have no AMA or Club Membership you will not be able to fly at all.   If you are hosting a first-time guest that is AMA insured then he or she may fly at the field, but they are required to join the club if they wish to continue flying in the future. I also ask that if a member sees a pilot without a badge, you have the right to ask them if they have a badge or please bring this up to any BOD member and we will correct the situation.

Every three years you will have to renew your aircraft registration at FAADroneZone you fly recreationally or professionally. The FAA will send you an email requesting that you renew your registration before it expires.  Be aware that the FAA requires that you add all your planes or drones, known as “Devises,” to the FAA, as you are registering for the first time or renewing.  You may call your Devises any name you choose. Cost remains the same at $5.00

The FAA also has an expectation that you will take, and pass, The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) as part of flying at our Mission Bay site since it is an AMA sanctioned recreational facility.  While the terms “unmanned aerial system” or “drone” seem awkward, those are the terms used by the FAA to describe your remotely piloted aircraft regardless of type.  Web locations for FAA Approved Test Administrators of TRUST can be found here,

These FAA requirements were signed into law in 2018 in order for the national airspace to remain a safe place for all users.  Fortunately, the test is short, easy and follows common principles we routinely use.

On other news, we need a Treasurer for the club.  Our incoming Treasurer had a little more than was feasible and more commitments than expected.  As Quan stated in a flier that went out to all members Quan is looking for someone who: Treasurer responsibilities are as follows,

  • Attending monthly board meetings and includes 1 – 2 hours of prep time to prepare statements for the monthly board meeting.
  • Writing 1 – 2 checks per month and includes 1 – 2 PayPal reimbursements for member’s club related expenses to maintain our great field
  • Maintain club accounts with QuickBooks, 1 – 2 hours is required
  • Accepting and depositing membership checks, raffles, and banquet money.

We ask that if this something you can do, please don’t hesitate to step up and join the BOD for the continuing efforts for the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego.  Please contact any Board Member or Quan directly!

In the next few months, I will be building a Top Flite, Gold Edition DC-3 kit.  The nice thing about the Gold Edition DC-3 is that although it is a highly detailed scale model with all the goodies such as a realistic looking scale outline, built up tail surfaces, retracts and flaps.  The offset pinned hinge features the offset hinge line characteristic of the DC-3.   It is a model of a transport plane that is a stable model that I look forward to flying often!  Converting this kit into an electric airplane will have some challenges, but a challenge that will be fun!   I will also be sharing with the club the construction of this model with photos each month.   Well, this was enough for me to get my juices flowing, so time to get my other projects off the workbench, say goodbye to my significant other for a while that is and get ready to start building.  Expected date of completion could be a year but maybe by the end of the year it will make its maiden flight!  More to follow in the upcoming newsletters.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all at the field and don’t forget your batteries, radio, charger, and most important, your airplanes and let’s go Fly!


Jovi Murek