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Chairman’s Corner for June – July 2024

Summer is upon us, weather is getting warmer, and the field is getting dryer.  Hello members, I hope all are doing well and getting ready for summer.  We have a couple of great events happening in July and September.  But first, this weekend with our club meeting we are not going to have Hot Dogs, we are going to have a Taco truck on the 4th of July, this will be a fun event of just flying our planes and having a great time with our members.  I hope to see you all on the 4th of July event.  Just a couple of reminders, that the gate will be locked.  Meaning when you enter the field, lock the gate behind you, we are going to avoid any unwanted guest parking their car and walking down to the beach.  Also, no charcoal BBQ, only gas ones are permitted.  No Alcohol or drugs are permitted at the field at any time, not just the 4th of July.  Greatly appreciate that everyone complies with the rules.  Thank You.

Jim Bonnardel has another great event; do you know what it is???  Altitude Quest, can you hit the mark at 200 feet?  Guess we will see who will get the closest and get the top gift certificate for Discount Hobbies…  50/50 is still in play and thank you Brad for your continued effort in cutting the price for the banquet.  Our Raffle is also going on for September 2, 2024.  This Labor Day event is when we raffle off the prizes which you can see every Saturday at the field.  One dollar could win you the top prize, who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one that all your tickets get called and you win everything…. but to do that, one must buy more then 1 ticket.  Tickets are available via the internet straight from the flyer that comes out every Friday.  Here you must buy 10+ tickets.  Down at the field, you may buy one if you like.

This coming Sunday, look to the sky’s, to the west and SpaceX will launch at 8:45pm to 12:39 am if there are delays.  Make sure you have your camera ready, it’s a great site to see.  Plus, our weather is looking good so the sky should be clear. 

See you all at the field,


Chairman of the Board.