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Chairman’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2021

Spring is finally upon us! Longer days mean more flying. While we have managed to get a little bit more rain this month, forecasts predict a dry summer. Please take a few moments to ensure your safety equipment and fire extinguishers will be up to the task this year. As a reminder, the KIDDE fire extinguisher company has offered free replacement of their extinguishers that have a plastic vice metal head. Their contact info is on the extinguisher labels. We had failures involving the plastic heads last year. Scot watched his Heli go up after a battery failure – the damage would have been minimized had the on-site extinguisher ( plastic head ) operated properly.

I would like to WELCOME our editor, Steve Belknap, officially to the Board of Directors for SEFSD. He has long been a valuable member of the club as its webmaster and newsletter editor and now he has volunteered more of his time to help guide the club. THANK YOU Steve!!

As vaccinations continue to roll out in San Diego county. Life is beginning to see some normalcy. Who could have guessed last March that the year would have progressed as it did? While the infection rate is down, along with the associated fatalities, It’s still too soon to relax our posture on site. Please continue to wear your masks when you are within 6 feet of others, and take care of yourself and your family. If you don’t feel 100%, please stay home.

Membership is coming along well, with numbers at a pre-virus level. Please ensure you are visibly wearing your badges while on site, and don’t get upset if another member asks to see your badge if it isn’t visible. If you have not renewed yet, please complete the process, This year is only going to get better.

There have been quite a few instances lately of the gate being left open overnight. This has led to more trash being dumped in our parking lot, and more intelligent people doing burn outs in the lot. Remember, our agreement with the city includes locking the gate when the last member leaves to stop unauthorized use. There are many times when non-members are on site and the last member just leaves them there and the gate open potentially overnight. If you are nearly the last person on site, ask the others if they are members and inform them you are locking the gate – they will leave. If there are empty cars left in the lot, lock the gate – they will figure it out.

T-28 Racing is coming along great! If you have any interest, stop by before 10:00 am on April 10th and watch the fun. The FMS 800mm Trojans are inexpensive and provide a challenge while you go fast and turn left!  Not 100% yet, but we may resume electro-glide in May. More to come. As situations improve, I will resume the monthly meetings and fun fly’s, and eventually we may get back to enjoying hot dogs.

The Weed Whackers Swap Meet is on for April! Click <<HERE>> for info.

Have a great month!