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Chairman’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2022

Hello Club members, I hope all members are doing well, better than me these days.  On March 16 I lost my job of 12 years with General Atomic EMS division.  EMS stands for Electro Magnetic Systems.  I use to work on the Launch and recovery systems on Aircraft Carriers.  I worked on CVN78, 79, 80 and 81.  It was a fun time while it lasted.  In some cases, the job was driving me up the wall.  Now all that stress has left my body I can be more comfortable when flying my planes.   In the long run, this is better for me.  Opportunities are out there, just got to find them.

Thank You Dennis for rolling the field, it looks really nice.  Thank You Jim for taking care of the rotorplex and getting rid of the weeds, much appreciated.  We may be getting close to placing a smother surface on our field.  The BOD still has a lot work to do to ensure we are doing the right thing to help our field and most of all have the city of San Diego behind us.  Will have more on this as time goes by.

Last weekend caught my attention to how our pilot’s fly.  It’s the position in which we stand as we fly.  Fredrick was the one who caught my eye.  This is something I am going to try to capture every weekend and post in our newsletter so beware you could be next!!!  I want to thank Fredrick for being the first victim.  You can see in the picture……

I have a field note to discuss.  Wednesday, I had a chance to go fly and it was good to see a lot members out during the week, my first time.  The wind was coming out of the east and changed many directions, east, north east, and even south east.  Ok, so we all know if the wind is coming out of the east, we takeoff and land in the same direction, in this case, left to right and that means the flight patter is counter clockwise.  On this day I saw pilots taken off and then flying in the opposite direction.  This is not allowed.  Please, let’s not do that, don’t want any midair’s, right.  I ask you to follow the rules out at the field.  Flying Left to right, is clockwise, Right to Left is counterclockwise.  Thank you all for you cooperation with our flight patterns.

This weekend we are having our club meeting. Also this weekend is the RCX Show out in Pomona running Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Steven Belknap our Editor, sent out a flyer out a few days ago in the morning, so look for it if you want to attend.  Just have fun!

All right club members, below is the start of the building of the DC-3, enjoy!