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Chairman’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2023

Spring is in the air and so is this rain we’ve been having as of late. I have to say I am done with this rain. I really understand that we need the rain, but let’s get real here, why so much?? The field is still in good condition thanks to Dennis, patting down the footprints and  implemented the Red Lock on the gate. I want to thank the members for not flying and allowing the field to dry out. We are expected to get more rain next week and not sure when this “Pineapple express” will stop. Good news, reservoirs are getting filled up in California. Without a doubt, we needed it. The club will send out notices when the field will be closed and when it reopens. I have received a few emails asking me about the field condition, but I ask you all to use a little common sense. If you see that it’s raining, raining hard, the field will be closed. Light rains in the morning, field should be open. Be careful, that if you get your plane stuck in the mud on the north side of the field, DON’T walk THRU the field, walk around. It’s for the good. And in the meantime, we will evaluate the field, send out a notice when appropriate, letting our members know when the field is open or closed. Thank you all for your patience with this issue.

We going to try to have our monthly engagement this month along with our fun fly, if the weather permits. This weekend is looking good for flying and I am sure Jim has something special for us all to compete in. I will be your chef for the day, coving for Mark because he is in Japan. Who knows maybe purchasing a new airplane???? One can only imagine… We wish Mark a safe trip. He’ll be back again next month cooking up the Dogs.
Upcoming engagements planned for the 4th of July. This also will include a Raffle in which we are going to Raffle off a New iX 14 Spektrum Radio. The reason for the Raffle is to generate more money for our Banquet on January 12, 2024. Yes, we will be back at the Air and Space Museum for our 3rd consecutive time. Being underneath the PBY is one very cool experience. We are working very hard to reduce the cost to our members for the Banquet and hoping this will bring more of our members to enjoy the festivities. This Raffle will be a tremendous boost for the banquet, alone with Brad’s, 50/50 which we play every T-28 Race, Electrogilde and our monthly meetings. Each time, we play 50/50, I have seen many happy members walking away, thrumbing thru the cash! The Raffle will begin on April 22, 23 and goes all the way up to July 1, 23. 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year and we will celebrate the 4th on Saturday July 1st. Every Club Member may purchase a raffle ticket, each ticket will cost a Buck. Yes, that is $1.00 to win an iX 14 radio. Each member may purchase as many tickets as they choose too. I know I’m going to get a bunch of tickets for iX 14 radio…. OMG. More will be detailed in next month newsletter so stand-by! Once again, I must apologize for this is all I have for now.
Happy Flying!