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Chairman’s Corner for May – June 2021

Hey Modelers, I hope you are having a good month!

For the last two years we haven’t seen much of the marine layer that contributes to the traditional May Gray and June Gloom…  Mother nature is making up for that already this year with some pretty dark days that remain heavily overcast past sunset.

In conditions like these it can be very easy to loose aspect orientation on our aircraft. Even looking away for a moment can leave you confused as to what your aircraft is doing, since most colors just present as dark in the gray sky.  I, myself lost a fine 80mm ducted fan model just over a month ago and will confidently state that camouflage works extra well on an overcast day.

I replaced the model, and made some changes to its color scheme to help with orientation. One or two people commented on it’s less than scale appearance, but If I can see it, I will fly it. If not, it becomes another garage queen…

I used paint, and self-adhesive trim sheets to add some color to the models in the pictures. I can see them now!

The Covid situation continues to improve in the country. Our hobby is still considered a safe outdoor activity. California will continue to require masks for outdoor gatherings of 30 or more people not in your family. Even though we currently don’t cluster much, I encourage each of you to continue doing what you feel keeps your family safe. Current indications are that the mask/gathering guidelines will expire on June 15. If we continue in that direction there is a very good chance that we will resume our monthly meetings and fun fly events in June. We will listen to progress and make a decision at the Jun BOD meeting and send info out at that time to allow people to get their dusty fun fly planes ready to go.

A couple of members donated wind socks to replace our deteriorating ones. A Mystery member installed the one at the west end, and Fred Daugherty donated the mid-field sock. Thanks guys, for your support of SEFSD.

Also, Thank you to Nico G. for his work in painting the “No Parking” signs on all of the telephone poles headed towards the gate, and to Dennis L. for some extensive work with his weed whacker at many on-site locations. I’m still in need of a “fresher” member to take over the duty of keeping the boulders which protect our site from curb-hoppers in place. There seems to be determined folks that want to fly from our site who would rather not pay membership. I just cant move the heavy stuff like I used to and really need a volunteer (preferably two people to work together).

Hackers have again been relentless in attacking our public web-site. They have had some limited success in deranging our “for sale” area, so if you asked Steve to post something for sale and it is no longer there, please send it again.  Also, No Board member will EVER text or e-mail you asking you to send “emergency” money. The criminals are pretty good and can make a spoofing mail look like it comes from someone you know, especially if you use your phone as your primary mail handler.

Please be careful!

Be safe, and remember : It’s easy, but fleeting to fall in love with your favorite aircraft. You risk heartbreak when it’s gone.

Instead, fall in love with flying, That affair will last a lifetime!