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Chairman’s Corner for May – June 2023

Hello SEFSD members, I hope everyone is doing well and having fun flying! For the month of May the weather has been on the cloudy side, that’s why we call it May Gray. Next month I hope the clouds dissipate and not become June Gloom, guess we must wait and see. I would like to give our members an update to the Raffle that we currently have going on. I have added a few more items to the prizes, and they are as follows: Along with the Spektrum IX 14, we have a Freewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm Sport Jet, iCharger X 12, X6 AC/DC charger and a B6 mini charger. These are great prizes for only a $1.00. You can’t go wrong with this. Tickets can be purchased down at the field on every Saturday, and you can also get them online at our website. I encourage you all to get tickets. The Raffle is being held on July 1st; this will be our 4th of July celebration so be sure to attend. Just as a reminder, this raffle is to help in getting more cool prizes for our upcoming banquet on January 12, 2024, and it’s being held at the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park. With the 50/50 going on at each, T-28 races, Electro Glide, and our monthly meeting that this is making a reduction to lower the cost to our members, so I thank you all for your continuing efforts in making this happen.

In May I wanted to do a clean-up at the Roto Plex, however we got shut down by the KOZ event that happened on May 7. Let’s try to do this on June 11, 2023. As I had asked before, I would like to have a few volunteers’ helping in getting the Roto Plex back up again. Also, would like some help with the Heli area in getting it cleaned up as well and make sure that the polls are up for the boarders in which they are to fly in. I did come across a gentleman flying, and he was very cooperative in complying with the rules, and I Thank Him!

This coming weekend, we are having our monthly meeting and it looks like Jim has a great event for us, “Dead Stick Challenge” as he mentioned in the notice that was sent out on May 24, 2023. I hope all of you had read his rules and most important was rule number 1. Do Not Sacrifice Your Aircraft. If you get in trouble, apply power, and get into a safe position and give it another try. With this in mind, you’ll get 3 attempts, and this is “Not 3 Tries, It Must Be a safety for your Aircraft”. When starting, power up, take off climb, within 20 second, then get ready to do your Dead Stick Challenge. For those of you who never had a nitro aircraft this was a common routine. Jim will tell us how the scoring will be done! And yes, we will have our hotdogs being provide by Mark Davis, Thank You Mark!

For last part, I would just like to go over some rules. Many of you are calling out your intentions, Take Off, Low Fly By and Landing, some call out for Touch and Goes an we greatly appreciate it very much. But we still have a few that are not calling out intentions and not using their Manly Voice. Please guys yell it out, if you’re at the East end and the guys at the West end can’t hear you and vise a verse. We do have a few people calling out for you when you’re not yelling. So please use your Manly Voice. Also, when doing low fly-by’s, please stay on the north side of the white center line on the runway, please do not fly close to the gates, you might and could hit someone. Thank You all for complying with the rules and don’t forget to always ware your badges when you’re flying, or you will get me asking you where your badge is. Thank You for hearing me out! See you all at the field and if any of you have questions to ask, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of BOD members.

Happy Flying!