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Chairman’s Corner for May – June 2024

Hello members, here we are in May and at lease the rains may have moved on.  As you can see our field is busting loose with all the flowers blooming, more like a super bloom.  Which also means that the field will dry out in next few months, and we need to be careful.  Meaning it will be a fire danger.  Please make sure that you have a fire extinguisher that is full and in the green.  I have mentioned this before, you can get a fire extinguisher from Costco, and it is refillable.  I highly recommend that you get one, keep it in your vehicle and place it by the gate for easy access just in case we have fire.  We can act quickly to bring it under control before the Fire Department arrives.  Which is important to call once we see smoke due to an unfortunate crash.

Next on list is to talk about unattended vehicles when you’re the last one to leave our field.  Yes, we did recently have an incident when a vehicle was left unattended.  One of our members did go over the vehicle to check to see if anyone was in the car, and nope, no one was there.  This vehicle was locked in. I got an email for the person who was locked in asking to get out.  However, the story I got was completely incorrect compared to what they said to the ranger who cut the chain.  This has shortened the chain for us to lock the gate.  We are looking to see if we can get the chain replaced with a longer one.  I hope by the time this article is published; we may have that corrected.  We are in the process and again by the time you read this article, we will have a sign just below “Visitor welcome” it will say unattended vehicles will be locked in.  So, if you happen to see someone parking and leaving their car, kindly go up to them and let them know that the last member will be locking the gate, and you will be locked in.  Perhaps they will move over to the boat ramp.

I am happy to say I see more members calling out their intentions while beginning to “Take Off”, “low fly-by” and “Landing”.  Thank you for I and many other Club members greatly appreciate it.  And then again, there are a few who just won’t do it.  If I am at the field, I do step up to them and kindly ask for them to call out their intensions.  And please, yell it out so we can hear you!  Of course, I get the stink eye when I ask…Oh well!

I do believe I covered what I need to say for this month while being at the field.  Now I will talk about upcoming events:

Starting with 4th of July.  We are going to have a catering truck (Taco truck) come out on the 4th of July which is a Thursday and just a reminder on that day we will be keeping the gate closed.  As you come in, lock the gate behind you, we don’t want people who watch the fireworks think they can park at our site.  And remember, No Alcohol is permitted at our flying site as well in having a charcoal BBQ.  Gas BBQ is allowed.  I will have more information as we get closer to the 4th of July.

Yes sir, we are entering another raffle for Labor Day weekend. Tickets are like last year price, and that is $1.00. Tickets will be sold down at the field every Saturday starting on May 25, our club meeting, and you can also go online to our web site and purchases them which will start on Friday May 24. You could win the top prize, an NX10SE Special Edition 10-channel Spektrum radio.  Also included in the raffle are: F-16 Thunderbirds Jet, P-51D Mustang, and a P-51 Red Tail Mustang.  For those who want to perfect their flying skills we will have a Real Flight Simulator w/transmitter. These great prizes will be available for you look at every Saturday at the field, and you could win with $1.00 per ticket. Ask Dennis, for he won the iX 14 Spektrum radio last year on our 4th of July event last year.  I know I’m gonging to purchase 100 tickets…Yes, I’m getting excited about this raffle.  I invite you all to join in the fun on Labor Day weekend happening on September 2, 2024.  Currently we are still figuring out what we are going to do with food. But I know it will be great.  More on that as the days go by.

Jim Bonnardel has another fun event for us, do you all know what it is???  All the events are on our calendar in our Web site.  The event will be “Dead Stick Landing Challenge”.  Look out for Cory and his Heli…..I think Jim is going to allow him to compete, it’s all good!

Alright, that’s all that I have for this month, in the meantime, happy flying and see you all down at the field!


Chairman of the BOD!