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Chairman’s Corner for Nov – Dec 2021

I hope everyone enjoys a great thanksgiving this year with family and Friends!

Starting off for November, I would like to post the results of nominations/election for SEFSD Board of Directors to take us into 2022.

We did have a few nominees, but since they were unchallenged, we did not actually require a vote, just an acceptance.

Next year I will be vacating the Chairman position, and Eric Shapiro will be exiting as Secretary. Here is the BOD for 2022:

Chairman – Jovi Murek

President – Steve Manganelli

Vice President – Quan Nguyen

Treasurer – Dave Youssefi

Secretary – Ken Dresser

Safety Officer – Steve Neu

Editor – Steve Belknap

Member at large – Carl Cox

Member at large – Jeff Struthers

Member at large – Larry Kosta

Please say “THANK YOU!” to these folks for stepping up to guide the club next year. I encourage every member to take a year or more on the BOD to find out what is involved in keeping the wheels on with a club as large as ours.

“Thank you!”  also goes to the people who do a lot of work behind the scenes, without actually being on the BOD:

Dennis LaBerge

Mark Davis

Fritz Logan


Jim Bonnardel

Frank Sutton

As the year ends, we have finalized our plans for the SEFSD End of year banquet.  THANKS QUAN! It sounds like you have planned another GREAT event!  The event will be held at the Edgewater Grill in Seaport Village on Saturday, 15 Jan.  This is high end dining, and the club picks up the majority of the tab. Tickets will be $20.00 per dining patrons. Part of your contribution will go towards your meal, and the rest is applied to the raffle prizes. As before, there will be aircraft related prizes, and a selection of prizes for the ladies. Mostly lotions, cremes, and scents from Victoria Secrets. Their main dining room is a bit smaller than our previous venue, so the first 100 purchased tickets will be in the main hall, with the last 30 patrons being seated on the heated patio – get your ticket early!

Banquet ticket sales, as well as membership renewals for 2022 will commence the first week of December via the website ( SEFSD.ORG ) and will be announced via E-mail blast to members. As the close-out banquet for 2021, only 2021 members are eligible to attend. If you receive club mailings, but were not an actual member during 2021, you will not be able to attend. However… each year we have a member or two “ forget ” to renew membership who would still like to attend. Even though membership has officially closed for 2021 – and the link is currently disabled, Members can contact Quan at his mail posted on the site and can pay dues for 2021 for a couple more weeks.

As I mentioned, club membership renewals will open the first week of December, Dues will remain at $50.00 for the primary member, then $10.00 for additional members in the same household. Have you renewed your AMA? The system checks with AMA to ensure you are up to date before proceeding to payment. No, we do not pro-rate memberships – all 2021 memberships expire on Dec 31, 2021. As before, we will post dates to pick up your new badges at the field at the end of December/early Jan. The lock on the gate and porta loo will change to the 2022 combination on 15 Jan, and the new code will be on the back of your new membership cards. Eric Shapiro has provided the picture for the new membership badges.

Some club members attended the Veterans day fly in at the WEEDWACKERS Veterans day fly in on 13 November. It was a fun time, with around 75 attendees demonstration various aspects of electric, nitro, and gasoline flight. They had a fine raffle, and an inexpensive lunch to round the day out. Some of our clubs’ T-28 pylon racers put on race demonstrations for around 45 minutes. Maybe we will have some new racers next year?  If you live in east county, you should check them, out!

There will be no more meetings at the field for the remainder of the year as normal dates conflict with Holiday weekends. However, Steve is still hosting the T-28 series in December – on the 11th.  Jeff expects to Kick off the 2022 Electroglide on 15 Jan.

As I close out for November, I would like to thank all of the members for keeping the club drama free this year! You, and your participation in club events are what make our club fun for everyone.