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Chairman’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2020

Well guys, it looks like the heat wave is finally broken – and we can get back to enjoying our hobby in relative comfort! Hopefully we will get rain in the next few weeks to reduce the fire danger at our site, please stay vigilant as the area is still very dry!

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing more of you returning to the field after taking a “Corona” break. While studies indicate the virus does not transmit well in outdoor environments, please continue to practice social distancing while on site to keep club members, and your family members, safe. If you recently completed an interesting Corona project, please share a few pictures and a write up with our editor Steve, at and he will include it in the next newsletter.

I have been asked quite often whether there will be any local swap meets before the year ends, and sadly, I don’t believe so. Gatherings of any real size are still prohibited in the county. Please take a look at the for sale by members area of the website and see if there is something that tickles your fancy. If you are trying to sell items, an E-mail to Steve at editor@sedfd.orgwith a good description and a picture of your item will get it posted. You can still take a chance and bring items down on weekends, set them against the fence with a note stating the price, and who to contact. Sometimes the right person is there and both of you will come away happy!

Along the same line of things lost in 2020, we are still holding off on the monthly meetings at the field, the fun-fly events, and Electroglide. Once the health risks become less, we will attempt to get back to normal operations. It will likely be next year sometime. At this time, we cannot book venues for any indoor gatherings of more than 10 people, which also puts our yearly banquet on hold indefinitely. The only “event” that we have been holding is the FMS 800MM T-28 racing  on the second Saturday monthly. Competition had been becoming stronger as people figure out these small, quick aircraft. If you missed out on ordering one (or two) last February when we announced the race series, they are available for order this month at Horizon. Again, let’s hope a viable vaccine is developed and available as soon as it is determined safe.

I know everyone is extremely sick of all of voting ads right now, so I feel bad to say the words… As I mentioned last month, we vote for club officers in November.

Jovi  Murek has self-nominated to fill an existing empty Board of Directors position, THANKS Jovi! Our current secretary, Ken Dresser, will also not be available for most of 2021 and that means we still have need of one more person who would like to get involved with guiding the club next year. We meet in person or via ZOOM once per month for 2 to 3 hours, but handle most club business via E-mail – so your time commitment is negligible. I feel everybody’s input is valuable, and really want some new blood on the Board. Please get involved! Let myself, or another board member know if you would like to join us!

I appreciate the help we have received from numerous members in maintaining the field this year. To name a few who were there EVERY time we asked for help:  Dennis Laberge, Jim Bonnardel, Frank Gagliardi, Mark Davis, Eric Shapiro, Scott Vance, Jim Richardson, George Sullivan, and Larry Kosta. There were many more that participated at various times – THANK YOU to everyone!  Quan, our Treasurer, will be closing the books on FY20 shortly. Some of you spent personal funds in your support of the club and have not yet submitted receipts for reimbursement. Please send them to Quan or myself so we can square up and close our books.

It has been nearly a month since we backed off on the stance of passing through and closing the gate behind us each time we enter and exit. A lot of people appreciate not having to jump out of their vehicle on the way in and out of the site. In this month, I have been notified by the city 9 times that they have found the site unlocked and unattended…

Please remember that our agreement with the city includes that we will keep the site locked when members are not present to prevent unauthorized access, vehicular use, and illegal dumping. It also keeps theft down, and friendly people from doing donuts in our parking area or on the runway. The porta-potty has also been found unlocked on numerous occasions, all of the paper has been lifted a couple of times, as has our disinfectant sprayer. We are the masters of our own destiny here, so I will say again – if you are the last member leaving the site, Please close and lock the gate!  If someone has left a vehicle there, lock them in. If someone is there and you are not sure, ask them if they are a member – tell them you are locking the gate. If you don’t want to talk with them, lock the gate and let them figure it out.

Bottom line, we need to keep the site as secure as possible. I would rather not go back to the closed gate posture, but if we cannot follow the guidelines properly it is still an option.

One final note. We are all members and pay for the same rights as any other member of SEFSD. If you arrive on site and park near an available table, and you would like to have a specific member park next to you to enjoy each others company, feel free to put a chair next to your vehicle and “save” an already open spot for them to park beside to you. Please don’t park, then ask another member to move so your buddy can park next to you. There are NO “ permanently assigned ” spots at SEFSD. If you arrive and someone is where you ( usually ) park, please find another open spot. DO NOT tell another member to get out of YOUR SPOT. The parties involved are all grown up and simply need to share…

Thanks for another great month and please keep safe.