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Chairman’s Corner for Feb/Mar 2019

Usually we are complaining that we do not get enough rain, but REALLY??

It has been a wet one, starting right after the banquet in Jan. The good news is that most people have kept off of the main runway, and there isn’t a hundred footprints in the clay for us to deal with. The bad news is that growth in the field has been raging and ground cover is getting thick.  Be careful out there as there is a lot of holes now hidden and I wouldn’t want anyone to break an ankle…

I think I have only been able to fly 3 days out of the past month and am getting withdrawals! We did have a wet Pop Wing opener on the 9th, but Electroglide was scrubbed for the second month in a row due to a muddy field. Maybe next month will be the charm. It has been nice to see a few of you with new airplanes this month, and I have seen a couple of the raffled planes from the banquet showing up. Let’s get them built and ready for the main flying season which is almost upon us.

Now would be a great time to pull your planes into the shop and ensure everything is still how you expect it. Time and vibration can work fasteners and electrical connections loose. Make sure your prized possession is good for another season! Now would also be a good time to go through your first aid kits, and ensure your fire extinguishers are charged.

Membership is progressing with 257 members having renewed by the 10th. Keep the renewals coming! If you haven’t signed up for 2019, the grace period has been over for about a month, and you will be asked not to fly at our site if you are not current. Past members are not eligible to fly as Guests. That is only for folks visiting ( with AMA ) that have never flown at our site. Remember, ALL 2018 badges are now expired. Please display your 2019 badges on your person while flying, and do not get upset if you are asked to present it if hidden.

We have had lots of issues again with the gate being left open with no members on site. PLEASE PLEASE if you are the last one out close and lock the gate. This prevents unauthorized use of our sit and vandalism of the items we keep there. It is also a long standing requirement from the city that we secure the site when we exit to dissuade dumping and people sleeping in vehicles in our driveway. If there are non-members on site when you are leaving, ask them to leave and let them know you are locking the gate. Speaking of vandalism, a few months ago we had nearly all of the chairs on site destroyed by some industrious individual one evening the gate was left open.  With the hope centers starting their spring lawn furniture sales a few of you will be replacing your tired chairs, and we could really use your old ones on site. That goes for used carpet too. If you have friends/relatives replacing their carpet, they can save at disposal fee and bring it to the field instead, between the runway fence and the Porta-potty.

A lot of people asking for keys recently. We have not re-keyed the lock, it uses the same key we have used for the last 15 years. One of the batches we had made last year was slightly off and will work the gate lock, but sticks in the commode lock. If you have one that sticks, bring it to a board member and we will get you a replacement.

This month’s club meeting ( hopefully dry ) will be held on the 23rd at the field around noon. It will be preceded by the fun fly event which is “ Don’t’ Spill the beans ” starting at 10:00.

Hope to see you there!  Fly Safe,