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President’s Corner for Feb/Mar 2019

Hey pilots,

I wanted to thank all of you for helping to keep our field free from big ruts and shoe craters. We have had quite a bit of rain this winter and more is in the near forecast. We all have the itch to fly and when the field is wet the itch can almost be unbearable. I’m proud of your self restraint and not just say “It’s mostly dry let’s fly”.
Secondly, one way to help keep our field in good condition is to minimize the amount of traffic coming through. And the best way to do that is keep the gate locked. If you’re the only one at the field and don’t want to have to ask people to leave when you do. Just lock the gate behind you, Problem solved. And if you’re the last one off site please lock the gate behind you. This will help keep a lot of traffic off our field and that’s a good thing. 
I would like to reach out to our drone pilots, and ask for someone to be a liaison to coordinate with the board so we can all have input in how the club is run. At this time we have little drone representation. So to have a complex that you want to use we as the board would like some input as to what you would like to do to make the complex more accessible and the way you want it. As much as we want to we can’t read minds. So if you have suggestions please bring them to our attention. As the saying goes “squeaky wheel gets the grease”. I’m ready to grease, I just need to know where to put it.
Also, remember minimum distances are for your protection. Maintaining minimums keeps you far enough away to prevent an accidental human strike which will make your life very difficult. Pleas remember minimums and be safe…
With all the rain, fire extinguishers are not as much of a necessity but you should have one regardless. As we progress through the year the need grows. Pick up a fire extinguisher and keep it with you at all times. You may not need it but I know someone will and the more we have the better. They are cheap and easy to carry. And will help keep the fire depot from showing up when we can control it our selves.
Remember this is your club so act as if you own it, because you do. If I don’t know where you want to go I can’t get us there without your input. So please have fun and be safe. 
Tony Blackhurst.