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President’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2023

Merry February Fliers!

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing flying weather, but it looks like winter is about to catch up with us. We will be keeping a real close eye on the rain totals for the next 2 weeks, but it doesn’t seem promising with 4 major storms being forecasted in the next 10 days.

I hate to be that guy that needs to point out the obvious – but sometimes it falls to me.

Again, I need to mention that our flying surface is mostly comprised of clay, which absorbs moisture and slowly releases it over several days when it’s cool out, potentially leaving mud for a few days.

I Know some don’t care, but will ask again to stay off of the runway when it’s muddy. If there are standing puddles on the field or in the parking area, its too wet to effectively use the runway. People always say their plan won’t leave marks, then stomp their feet across the runway. We are near the end of the rainy season – and footsteps now could still affect the flying surface in August. Clay, remember?

Some people will tell me I’m wrong – and their cheap “Spektrum compatible” receiver is the greatest invention since Ice Cream. More power to them. For those with common sense – I will say again that Spektrum has NEVER given out the primary coding used to set the protocols used in their transmitters and receivers. While the Orange, Lemon, and Admiral receivers claim compatibility – they may be close, but they ARE NOT Spektrum. I’m sure that there are places where the knock off fakes are fine. Small variations in transmission protocols may not make a difference if you are in the middle of nowhere, like a desert, or central Texas…

However, our field is within 20 miles of 4 major military air installations, 2 major commercial airports, and 2 civilian airports. Mix all of those RF signals with all of the 5G towers transmitting on 2.4 and there is quite a soupy frequency mess between your transmitter and airborne receiver system. Is good enough really good enough? In the past year I have helped retrieve over a dozen destroyed aircraft that were using copycat receivers that someone’s “friend” said worked great, and the pilot couldn’t understand what happened… By all means – if you have an orange transmitter- then use an orange receiver – they ARE compatible! But if you use a quality transmitter, please use the same manufacturers receiver. They may be a few bucks more – but not as much as the plane you lost.

We keep losing locks because people are failing to close them and lock them. People cant take them if they are closed. I don’t know if you are leaving them open for a friend, or just too lazy to close them. Please turn this trend around! There were some grumbles about the membership increase – which is a direct response to rising costs. Treat the gear like you own it and YOU need to replace it because in the end – you do.

Please, Please, Please LOUDLY announce your intentions to take off, Land, cross the runway, or caution others to any intended flight patterns it would be in their interest to know about. If the person at the next gate cant hear it, either you are not calling out at all or you are whispering it to yourself. This is extremely unsafe to all parties involved. The flip side is – even if you call out “ on the runway!” loudly, it is still YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to look and ensure the pattern is clear. This month I saw two members not pay attention when others loudly called landing, and step directly in front of planes on final approach less than 10 feet from their heads. Then one of them got mad!!!! Sometimes you just can’t fix it.

Thanks to members for supporting the 50/50 raffle we have been having at field events These donations will help reduce the member cost to our 2023 Banquet and possibly put more money towards the main raffle itself. AND we have had 5 very happy 50/50 winners so far.

I would like to start a “member in the spotlight” section for the newsletter in which 2 or 3 members submit a paragraph about themselves with a short background talking about how they got into the hobby and any special interests they enjoy. Sadly, the three members I asked for initial input hadn’t returned one as I write this note. Maybe next month. If you would like to share, please drop me a line.

I still have a couple of the club T-shirts left. 3XL, XL, L, M, and S are available for $25.00 each.

If the weather clears this week, Jim will again be the Funmaster for this months Fun Fly event on Saturday the 25th. The ever popular LIMBO is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM followed by the monthly meeting at the field, and lunch for members.

I hope it is nice and dry – and I see you there, (Cancelled)