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President’s Corner for July/August 2018

Hey Guys! I hope your July was as much fun as mine! If it weren’t for back to back heat waves it would have Perfect!

Our Independence Day at the field was almost a total success. I say almost, as the raffle was supposed to be a fund raiser that if it followed the tradition of the last few years – would have funded half of  our end of year holiday banquet this coming Jan. Sadly – we did not meet our fund raising goals, and actually lost a couple of dollars to boot… A couple of folks made banquet donations that have us even (Thanks Hoang Nguyen and Mark Davis!) But we are a long way from our target of $2500.00 to get us on the right track. On that note, you should have all received a blast from the club on Tuesday telling you how to buy club shirts and support the banquet at the same time. If you missed it, the link is here: it has been a few years since there have been club shirts available and I am glad to purchase some! Thanks Jim for setting this up for us.  Following up on the Independence Day at the field, the lunch catered by Leilani’s Food Truck was a smashing success and there was not one complaint from the crowd. If there is enough interest, we will ask them back!  The fireworks were better than the last 2 years as the prevailing wind blew the smoke east instead of directly at us so we had “in your face” visuals of most of the show. Thanks to everyone that came down and enjoyed the day – and a bigger thanks for taking your trash with you instead of leaving it on-site.

It sounds like the end of July will carry on the heat wave, so I would like to remind everyone to bring sun screen, and plenty of fluids when they come.  Also- please keep the extinguishers handy. The outlying field is very dry and would be difficult to save if a fire gets out of control. We will be renting the water truck and the roller in August to soak and compress the field. Tony is also looking at filling in the Grand Canyon that is forming at our entrance gate. We will announce the specific date as it arrives and close the field for 24 hours to let everything set.

For the folks at the rotor plex – There is NO flying north of the fence that parallels the main runway. This is NOT a shared area as it puts helicopters and multi-rotors right into the landing path for airplanes. We are having signs made to this effect and ask the person(s) that keep dragging carpet to this area to STOP. As seen from the rotor pit area, you can take off and land directly in front of you at the opening between the two fences – or on the opposite side of the right hand fence. No flight from the left hand fence.

We lost our scale day event at the end of June due to some stiff cross winds, and were unable to make it up. I did see some folks bring neat looking planes though. If you would like to share weathering techniques, write a short description of your efforts and send along with a few pictures to Steve Belknap at . He likes new content!!

This month’s event is our summer Bomb Drop. Randy and Jim are changing it up a bit to appreciate those that have created their own drop mechanisms – should be fun! The event starts at 10:00 AM and runs until approximately noon – followed by the monthly meeting and lunch.

Have a great month!!


Bombs Away!


Mini Mamba