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President’s Corner for June/July 2018

It looks like we avoided a lot of the May Gray and June Gloom this year! A couple of foggy mornings, and Warm days – but overall a GREAT prelude to our summer flying season. As always I am going to bang my drum a bit about safety items…  Please ensure you have proper UV protection that matches your skin type. Hats may not be enough.  I have had about a dozen members tell me this year that they had to pieces and parts removed due to overexposure. Look for at least SPF15 sunscreen, and I also recommend a SPF rated lip protection also. Hats help, but are not the entire answer. Also, please ensure you bring enough water to last your expected stay. Dehydration can sneak up on you and have some devastating effects. Finally, since we haven’t had a lot of water this year, the outlying area is already dry as a bone. Please be careful and continue to bring your extinguishers out to crash sites if they look serious. If things do get out of control – a 911 call requesting emergency services at South Shores Park will get help headed our way. Now would also be a good time to look at your first aid kits to see if they are still up to the task. Doc Marvin also made the suggestion that folks should keep an unopened bottle of water in their vehicle in case they need to wash out a wound or rinse a prop bite.

I am really excited about our upcoming “Member Only” event at the field on the 4th of July for you, family, and friends. Usually we do an all-day event with some of us ( addicts ) coming early in the morning and staying for the fireworks. We will have lunch on site paid for by the club, then later there will be a grill or two for those who want to bring and cook dinner on site, the Sea World Fireworks go off around 10:00 P.M., then as you exit the site afterwards – you go across Sea World drive at the light and turn left onto Old Sea World drive, it will take you a bit east to Friars road where you can make a quicker getaway. The lunch plan has been finalized, Randy has set up a top rated food truck to cater for us at the field.  Leilani’s Food Truck will be on sight around 11:00 A.M and the menu will include choices of a Teriyaki plate, Kalua pork plate, Aloha plate, Kalua pork and teriyaki chicken, Teriyaki beef, and Ahi poke. Sides will be Yakisoba noodles, Green salad, or Macaroni salad. Beverages will be available for purchase at the truck, or bring your own. We are providing lunch to you and your family if they want to join you. After lunch will be a really great raffle purposed to raise funds for our end of year holiday banquet. You do not have to be present to win! We purchased approximately $2500 dollars’ worth of raffle prizes this year including some GREAT airplanes and a new DX9 radio system… Tickets for this raffle will be $5.00 each, and I will say that if the people that enjoyed the banquet last year each purchase 4 tickets, that will get us half way to funding next year’s event. There have been some ticket sales at the field, but for those of you that don’t make it down on the weekends – Kenny Dresser will be accepting funds via PAYPAL to purchase your raffle tickets. His PAYPAL address is:   . Please ensure you send funds using the family or friends option so that we do not have to pay the 3% fee on our fundraiser.  Ken will write your names on each ticket you purchase and respond with an e-mail stating your numbers.  THANKS KEN!  Thanks also to Larry Kosta JR. for manufacturing the “MEMBERS ONLY” sign and donating it to the club. We will post the sine on the gate for the 4th and that day will be a CLOSED GATE DAY. I expect all members to close the gate after you pass through. Don’t let people past you into the lot if they do not have current membership badges. If you have guests arriving later, please arrange to meet them at the gate to let them in, then close the gate.

While on the topic, I am still asking that the last members out at the end of the day close and lock the gate behind them. We risk vandalism and destruction of club property when unauthorized people are on our site without supervision. Also, please get in the habit of locking to porta potty after each use. 2 weeks ago, someone left it open on a Friday evening and the lock disappeared. Randy had to buy new locks. I would like to minimize the need for this. The porta potty uses the same key as the main gate. We have been using the same key for at least 15 years – so yes, if you received a key in the past it should work for both locks. If you need a new key, they are $3.00 each.

Here is another plug for members to start using the FOR SALE section of our web site. There has been some great items at reasonable prices posted, so if you are looking, please look here – you may find what you need. If you are selling, send your submission with a picture or two to our editor, Steve at  , and he will post them.  Thanks Steve!

This month’s Fun Fly event on June 23rd will be “Scale day”. Bring your models that are replicas of full size flying aircraft. It doesn’t have to be military – just scale. Between 10:00 A.M. and noon, be prepared to demonstrate your ability to fly your model in a scale like manner. As usual, there will be $150.00 worth of prizes up for winners, followed by our monthly club meeting, and the customary Hot Dog lunch.

Have a great month!