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President’s Corner for June – July 2024

Hey Flyers!

We officially hit the first day of summer this week, and it’s starting to warm up out there. As temperatures are rising, I would like to remind you to bring plenty of fluids with you to the field to ensure you (and any guests with you) remain hydrated. Also, ensure your fire extinguishers are charged and ready for use if needed. The outer field area is very dry now and at risk if we lose control of in incident with a damaged battery. Also, there seem to be a lot more sticker bushes out there than in the last few years – Thought needs to be given as to your attire if you regularly walk out to the field after a plane. Shorts may not be the best option.

There have been a lot of new faces at the club lately, and newer people asking how to get started in the club. A lot of you have been taking your time to explain the best ways to get started, Thank you.  One thing to remember when you’re talking with someone without any experience is that you want them to be successful with a positive experience. A lot of them show up with stars in their eyes thinking they’re gonna fly a Mustang or a Corsair or be a 3-D God with their very first airplane. We all know that’s not generally the case. We have had one member show up with a jet for his trainer, and he was successful with it. However, He is the exception-not the rule. Please recommend a good beginning Aircraft and a good radio system for a beginner. Keep in mind that while you’re radio may be the favorite for you, if it is one that is not widely utilized at the field, the person will not have much luck when asking for help. I have seen a few members, recommend the radio master transmitter, which while a great radio – hardly anybody understands it enough to help a new person sut up and program a new plane. Most of all, please try to give a friendly welcome to newcomers as they attempt to enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Over the last month, the ants had done a wonderful job of tearing up our runway surface. The board is currently looking at options for a water truck and a roller to touch up the runway surface. The company we’ve used for the last few years has sold their water trucks, and they’re no longer available. Quan is investigating alternate routes and we will wet and flatten the runway when possible. The parking lot is also dry and dusty. The 5MPH speed limit is the LAW in all off-pavement areas of Mission Bay Park – and by respecting that, you also keep from dusting out everyone trying to have a fun day. Smiling and stating that you were ” Only doing 15 MPH ” doesn’t earn forgiveness from anyone… We are an approved model aircraft site. Any RC Cars used in the parking lot are also limited to 5 MPH to keep the risk of injuries, and the dust down.

 A quick comment on safety, while we always encourage people to REMOVE the propeller from their airplane while doing any type maintenance or repairs at the field, it is also your responsibility to Look And Ask what is going on before stepping in front of a propeller. Situational  awareness is primary to staying safe.  As always, I would like everyone to respect each other while on site, and be safe in all model flight activities.

 With the Fourth of July approximately 2 weeks away, I would like to touch on what we have planned. Our site is a great location to enjoy some flying in the day, and watch fireworks after sundown. SeaWorld has one of the best shows in the county, and the floating barge they light their fireworks from is directly visible from our field. Sadly, we remain a dawn to dusk use facility by FAA Mandate, so night flying with lighted aircraft is prohibited.  In previous years, we had a quick exit route by using Old SeaWorld drive as a shortcut to Friars road, and taking that to Interstate 8 in Fashion Valley. I’m not sure if that will work this year due to construction on Friars Road, so take a look ahead of time to plan your post-show exit. The show will be great if you are willing to wait in any post-fireworks traffic. The Park rules state no glass bottles and no charcoal or pellet grills. If you have a small gas grill that you would like to use, that is acceptable.

Instead of having Hot Dogs after our club meeting on June 22nd, we will roll those funds into a Taco Truck that will be on site for members between approximately 11:00AM and 1:00PM on the Fourth.  As the day progresses, we will close the gate and our site will be locked, but available only to members and their guests past 3:00PM. You can come and go, but please close and lock the gate behind you.  Experience has shown painfully that if we allow general public use of our site, non-members will dump trash and diapers, and go to the bathroom wherever it is convenient – giving us a lot of clean up over the following days. The city generally closes the surface streets heading to Mission Bay around 4:30 PM, so plan accordingly.

Please pack out your trash with you. The few City waste bins on site are only emptied monthly, and we are not to pile trash next to them.

This months Fun Fly event on June 22nd will be a club favorite. Come join us at 10 AM for ALTITUDE QUEST where the members will compete for Gift Certificates to Discount Hobby Warehouse. It should take 60-90 minutes depending on the number of participants, and will be followed by the monthly club meeting at the field. Remember, there will NOT be a lunch provided by the club – as we will do Tacos on the 4th instead. Please bring your lunch if you plan on staying after 12PM.

Stay safe and respect others on site!