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President’s Corner for March/April 2018

Hey Folks!

As I remember writing last month about not getting enough rain – sometimes I need to keep my mouth shut! We made up for it this month, with some more in the forecast as I am writing this. There is a lot coming Thursday night and Friday morning, but we are hoping the field will be in a dry condition on Saturday for Jet Day and our monthly meeting. Thanks to everyone for staying off of the runway when it is wet. Remember, footprints left in the mud this time of year can last 6-8 months… As the field starts to bloom over the next couple of weeks – allergy sufferers please stock op on your anti-histamine of choice. I hate sneezing fits when I have a plane in the air.

Last week all members should have received a NOTAM from the club on the morning President trump was flying into San Diego. A NOTICE TO AIRMEN like this comes from the FAA to let us and full scale pilots operating in our airspace of special events or hazards in our skies. When Air Force One is operating, all private aircraft and model aircraft use is restricted between specific hours on the stated day. If there is a flight restriction, Jim will double lock the gate on the date in question. The E-mail will go out to club members at least 24 hours prior.  Cutting the lock or jumping the curb to fly is grounds for expulsion from the club for the rest of the calendar year – so please do not be the example!

One thing that makes me proud to be a member of SEFSD is the lack of Drama at our club. Some of the smaller ( less than 100 members ) clubs in the county are fighting every weekend because they blatantly disrespect each other on a routine basis. While there is a lot of good natured ribbing ( Randy’s landings for example.. ) and crap talking ( think Dave and Skip ), there is a line we usually do not cross. Please keep it that way! There have been some discussions recently at the field that have gone too far. Please do not push a political agenda on fellow members, verbally abuse their military service – or lack thereof, and please keep your opinions of various religions to yourself. We are a group of adults enjoying a great hobby and that is the most important thing. Let’s enjoy it together!!

Again, please wear your 2018 badge while flying at our club. And if you are not wearing it, don’t be upset if someone asks to see it. I have plenty of the clips for attaching it to your shirt or transmitter strap, just ask for one. If you bring a guest or tell a visitor with AMA that they can fly as your guest, please have them fill out the visitor log and sign them in. Please explain our flight boundaries and safety rules. Early in the month we had a guest fly over the pits 3 times in one flight. Educate them before letting them loose please!

We are moving back into swap meet season with the first meet of the year happening at the Weedwackers club Saturday the 24th– starting at 7:30 AM. You can see if there is something you can’t live without, and still make our fun fly at 10:00!

As I mentioned earlier, our monthly fun fly event on the 24th will be Jet Day, if field conditions will allow. Between 10:00 and 12:00, put up a ducted fan with a jet like profile to get a raffle ticket for your chance at $150.00 in gift certificates to Discount Hobby Warehouse. At noon we will have a hot dog lunch and the monthly club meeting.