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President’s Corner for May – June 2024

I sincerely hope everyone is having a great Month!

The mix of sunshine and May Gray has been prevalent and mostly enjoyable. As far as I have seen, only one day ( May 5th ) had winds over 30 MPH – and only one pilot ( Your President ) was dumb enough to go in at 5:30 AM and fly in the wind…  Bob was with me on site, but didn’t fly since you had to be CRAZY with gusts over 40 MPH. There have been surprise gusts and dust devils damaging planes by blowing them off of the tables. It’s best to set them on the ground when not actually being prepped for flight.

There was a LiPo fire a few weekends ago – on the tailgate of a members truck. Luckily, Dennis was parked a few feet away and had his extinguisher handy. The member did replace Dennis’s discharged extinguisher, as  a common courtesy for saving his vehicle. Did you check your extinguisher last month when I mentioned it? The fire was a result of balance charging when one of the batteries had a bad cell that was not evident. As I have mentioned, the modern chargers have circuitry and software that can detect faults and stop charging. These features can be fooled if you are not careful. Please review the current safe charging practices listed in the LiPo charging section of RC Groups to see if you can improve your methods and increase your safety. If you have questions about balance charging for speed and efficiency, please talk to me about how to do it safely.  Members have lost their vehicles, and large structures to a few moments of inattention – never charge your batteries unattended.

We still have one or two members who refuse to play nice at the field. I will be approaching the Board of Directors at the June meeting about expelling them from the club. If they want to terrorize others on EVERY flight, I will wish them luck elsewhere.

  Scott Vance has been taking over the lion’s share of field maintenance from Dennis over the last few months. When you see Scott, please thank him for his efforts. The rotor plex area is becoming overgrown again. I have had a few drone pilots mention it. The last time it needed clearing, Jovi organized it – and mostly airplane pilots with a few Heli/drone pilots spent a day cleaning it up. This time I am asking Heli/drone pilots to organize something – and some airplane pilots will help.  If no one organizes anything, we will remove the race gates and let the field take over.

A couple of members have experienced some serious medical issues in the last few weeks. Please take care of yourselves, and don’t be too shy to seek medical attention when you know something isn’t right.

Stay safe, and Fly ’em before it gets too hot!!