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President’s Corner for Nov – Dec 2023

Hey team!

I hope everybody had a really great Thanksgiving with family and friends. As a group I believe we all have a lot to be thankful for.

I will kick off this month’s letter with a quick discussion on safety. We had a member take some severe cuts from an energized airplane this month. Luckily, he has no permanent damage, even though he still is in pain and will show some scars. It’s always important to remember that any propeller in a powered on airplane can jump and possibly bite you. if you are working on your plane at the field or at home, or working on the plane’s ESC or receiver programming, it is always the safest to remove the propeller before getting into the project. 30 seconds to remove the spinner, and the prop would have been better than weeks of pain. Another member almost gave himself a vasectomy 2 weeks ago as he was carrying his plane to the flight line and bumped the throttle. Throttle cut is an important tool, but will not save you if you don’t use it. Also, you should ensure your model is set up for throttle off while in failsafe mode. One thing to think about if you’re generally flying by yourself is what type of plan you have in case of emergency. I personally don’t like to fly by myself, but if I do, I ensure people know exactly where I’m at and that I stay in contact regularly so that if something happens I’m not experiencing a medical emergency without a chance.

On to Something fun!

Our end of year banquet will be held at the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park on January 12. Banquet tickets, along with membership renewals, will be available to purchase on December 1, look for the club email with the links to purchase your tickets. This year’s banquet will be bigger, better and stronger than before! For dinner, we will have main dish choices between Prime Rib, and Chicken  Piccata.  There will be appetizers, several sides, and a dessert will be served.

Just like last year, there will be an open bar for patrons over the age of 21. If you arrive early, your names will be at the ticket booth allowing you and your paid guest to tour the museum before dinner.

After dinner we will have a raffle with some great prizes for members and guests. There will be hobby related prizes for the members, and some fun – but not airplane specific prizes for the guests. As mentioned, we are limiting the number of guests to 3 per member to ensure other members have seats available.

Even though the cost of the venue has risen, the cost of the food has risen, and we have spent more on raffle prizes than EVER in the club’s history, we have been able to reduce the cost of banquet tickets to $40.00 each thanks to those that participated in the 50/50 raffles that were held on event days at the field this year. Many members walked away with cash in their pockets, and had fun while helping offset the banquet costs. Thanks again! 

The Board of directors has been set for 2024.

Current members leaving the BOD at the end of December will be: Eric Shapiro, Carl Cox, and Nick Anton. Please thank them for their service when you see them. It is important to bring new blood in periodically to get fresh ideas.

For the 2024 BOD we will have:

Chairman: Jovi Murek

President: Brad Bender

Vice President: Quan Nguyen

Treasurer: Steve Manganelli

Safety Officer: Steve Neu

Secretary: Brian Glensky

Editor: Steve Belknap

Member at Large: Larry Kosta

Member at Large: Jim Bonnardel

Member at Large: Phil Barlow

Please thank them for the service they provide to keep your club a great place!

Along with coming back to the BOD, Jim Bonnardel has again agreed to be the FUN BOSS for next yeat to ensure our monthly fun fly games are enjoyable and something we can all participate in!

ALL 2023 memberships will expire on December 31st, no exceptions. Each year we have a few members swear that they paid for a 2 or 3 year membership – but we only process one year at a time. As I looked at member statuses recently, I saw that over 100 AMA memberships are set to expire next month. Did you forget? Remember that you cannot renew at SEFSD if your membership is about  to expire. Steve Neu has picked a new design for next years membership badge and is working with Peter, our membership coordinator, to ensure it’s just right.

There will not be a club meeting and fun fly for the remainder of the year to allow maximum family time (or flying time) to members.

I hope everyone has a great month, and remembers to purchase their banquet tickets early. 100 seats is the number available. There will not be extra tickets because you forgot…