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President’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2023

Hey Team!

As October ends and Halloween approaches, I would like to start by mentioning some scary things I have seen recently.

First off, I have seen some new, and some not new club members flying over the pits and parking lot recently. I want to give the benefit of the doubt and hope it was by accident. Please make EVERY EFFORT to keep all flying North of the runway centerline at all times. The only time it is acceptable to be between the centerline and the fence is while you are actually taking off and landing your aircraft. The SCARY part of these events is that in nearly every incidence that I witnessed, the pilot flying the plane made no effort to warn others at the field that his aircraft was flying out of bounds, and possibly out of control. Remember, YOU are the ONE person that should be watching your aircraft at all times – and YOU need to be the one to SHOUT OUT and warn others of the possible risk! This is a SAFETY issue and MUST be followed by all pilots.

LiPo batteries are in continuous development, not only for our hobby – but for industry. As with any new technology, there are often some risks. Tesla motor company recommends that you do not park your electric automobile in an attached garage overnight. This is their response to this risk. The LiPo Batteries we use can be a combustion risk if they are mis-handled or damaged, and I encourage All members to periodically review and implement the safety procedures for charging, using, and storing their batteries. While the technology is improving, along with safety – It is still fresh in my memory when a well respected member lost his two story ( detached ) garage to a moment of distraction while charging a LiPo. The SCARY part of this story is that now that we are well into fall the field are is as dry as tinder for a camp fire. Small incidents can become an issue if members are not prepared. I see quite a few of you, and I, myself, always with a fire extinguisher while on site. I would be happier if I saw an extinguisher with every member when they are at the field. There were a few times this summer when a member attempted to use an extinguisher and it would not spray its fire retardant. It was beyond its expiration date. If it has a small gage on its neck, you should verify the needle is in the green quarterly. Cheaper models do not come with a gage and should be replaced yearly ( Write the date of purchase on the extinguisher upon purchase. Please bring your extinguishers and use them as needed, they are cheap insurance to keep scary things away. I have seen a picture of someone aiming at the top of flames in an attempt to extinguish a fire… If you are using an extinguisher, try to remember the Acronymn PASS.

Pull the pin.

Aim at the base of the fire

Squeeze the handle

Sweep side to side

If you have any questions on how to use your extinguisher, please feel free to approach me and I will gladly provide personal training.

Finally, some other SCARY things I have seen involve members coming into the site in their personal vehicles. I also get excited as I come through the gate. I also am thinking of the good times just moments away. I have to make an effort nearly every time I arrive to gently drive to my favorite spot and back in. Please remember – all vehicular traffic on our site is restricted to a maximum of 5 MPH. I have seen members rolling in a cloud of dust at 25-30 MPH… There have been a few near misses as a member steps out to head for the porta potty and nearly was clipped by and overly anxious member. Please respect others and keep it controlled!

I would like to throw out a big THANK YOU! To Quan, Jim, and Dennis for their efforts in wetting and rolling the field this month. It is in great shape and should get us to Feb/March depending on how much rain we get. Steve and Steve obtained, stored, and transported a new organic product made from plant fiber that, once applied, should help our field maintain more moisture, which is important for a clay surface.

There currently has been issues with some of the Mission Bay Park daily workers. Between Flu Seasom, and a case of Covid or two, they haven’t taken the trash from our site for the last 3 weeks. The trash receptacles are made for normal trash like napkins, lunch bags, and a pizza box or two.. Not LiPo batteries or crashed aircraft. If you bring it in to fly, please take it out with you. Dennis has taken home numerous crashed planes in the past few weeks and disposed of them for members that felt it was ok to make it someone else’s problem. Please don’t be that guy.

As we approach the end of the year we will be closing applications for 2023 membership. Remember that ALL SEFSD memberships expire at midnight on December 31st. We do not pro-rate. For potential members that have been checking the club out, you can fly as our guest ( with Valid Full AMA membership ) until 2024 memberships open during the first week of December. While this may seem like a sweet deal to some, remember that our end of year banquet is partially funded from 2023 membership dues and only 2023 paid members and their guests will be eligible to attend. This years banquet will be AMAZING at a great venue with a much higher grade of food than prior years. Also there are more/better raffle prizes to be had. More specific information will be forthcoming in Novembers Newsletter, but here’s the basic info : Friday Jan 12, 2024, Air & Space Museum, Balboa Park, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Your entry ticket included a pass to the museum after 12:00 PM if you want to go early and walk the museum. I will restate, if you are not a 2023 member – you will not be among the 100 guests at the banquet. Tickets will go on sale the first week of December, and will end at 100 – no exceptions.

Mr. Manganelli has prepared our first rebuttal for the FAA denial of our FRIA application. It looked like they wantonly disapproved around 98% of the initial countrywide applications in the hope that some would not reapply. Steve put a lot of time and effort  into his response and we will see what they come back with. While there is always a chance, I will stand by my posture that all members should plan to purchase one RID device before the implementation date of March 16th to be in compliance..

This months event will be Warbird Day. If it actually fought in any aspect anywhere in the world, bring and fly it. There will be an Axis and Allies flight that was very exciting last year. As always, prizes will be awarded, along with a club meeting and some tasty hot dogs.

Hope to see you there!!