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President’s Corner for October/November 2018

Well, we finally broke the heat wave, sort of… With the end of October still seeing the 80’s, it seems like we can’t win! A couple more weeks, and daylight savings time, should give us some respite.

We just finished our 2 monthly competition series, Pop Wing racing, and Electroglide for 2018.

For the Racers, Eric Shapiro took First place again this year, With Jim Bonnardel in second, and myself in third place. Jeff was not feeling well, so I did not get the Electroglide winners, but should have that info by the meeting on the 25th. Both events will have their prizes awarded at the monthly meeting. I would like to thank all participants and even more so a big thanks to Jim and Jeff for running the yearly events. Both will return in Jan 2019.

A member recently mailed me about organizing some night flying as we head into our “winter“.  if you are interested, we should have more info in the next few weeks. If there is something you want to do at the club, and you want to organize and run an event, feel free to let me know. All ideas are on the table, as long as they are safe, and do not have an increased risk of destroying aircraft.

I have had a couple of weekend members approach me over the last month talking about some unsafe behavior that is increasing. Please DO NOT come across the field directly at the pits at full throttle and yank it up at the fence. We have all seen servos, clevises, and thumbs fail at the most inopportune moments, and deliberately putting others in danger is not to be tolerated – I don’t care how good the pilot is. Please continue to call “take offs”, “landings”, “low passes”, and any time you step on to the runway for any reason. And PLEASE look before doing so. I still see people stepping, and calling out – right in front of a plane on final that they did not see because they did not look…

During the November meeting we will be voting for club officers to take the club into 2019.

I have to say that I am dismayed by the lack of response from club members when I ask for people to step up and help guide the club. For 400 members to only have 2 volunteers is disheartening…

People say that they like the club the way it is, and do not want things to change, but our bylaws put term limits on BOD members and it is time for new blood. That being said, I need 4 or 5  more people that want to get involved.

I can no longer be president, and while I had hoped Randy would step into presidency, he has some personal interest items that will require him to come off of the board completely. Voted positions are listed below.

President : empty

Vice President: empty

Treasurer: Quan Nguyen – plans to run again, thank you.

Safety Officer: Tony Blackhurst – plans to run again, thank you.

Secretary: Ken Dresser – plans to run again, thank you.

Member at large: Carl Cox – plans to run again, thank you.

Member at large: empty

Member at large: empty

Only 2 members have accepted nomination for positions. Both Eric Shapiro and Ian McKinlay are nominated for Members at large. I need participation folks!!

Please send names to me in the next 2 weeks so I can get them publicized before voting.

Last October we laid to rest Fred Duffy. He was our venerable Candy Man who welcomed members, family, and guests to our site with a smile and the offer of a sweet treat. We still miss him, and as a memorial to Fred, we held our second memorial flight of T-28 Trojans ( Freds favorite plane _ on the 20th. About a dozen pilots paid tribute in a 3 minute flight which ended with a missing man formation. Freds children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were on site and very appreciative of our efforts. The board has filled and passed Freds candy cooler amongst ourselves and continued Freds tradition for the last year, and we passed the cooler to Freds son, Mike at the conclusion of the memorial.  Thanks to all that remembered Fred!

This month’s club fun fly event will be Foam Frenzy. Between 10:00 and 11:30, fly a foam plane to earn raffle tickets towards $150.00 worth of discount hobbies gift certificates. Randy will instruct at the pilots meeting how to earn tickets. Following the fun fly, we will have the October meeting and this month there will be dogs from Costco.

Since it will come early next month, not to interfere with Thanksgiving –  I want to mention that the club meeting/voting and Warbird Day will be held on November 17th.

Be safe, and most of all – Have fun!


See more great pics of the flyover here.