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President’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2023

Hey Flyers! I hope everybody’s enjoying the cooler weather the last couple of weeks and getting lots of flying in.

As I mentioned last week, our FRIA application has been denied. But, as I also mentioned, that doesn’t mean the end is near. We still have normal access to our site, we may have to modify our usage to comply with current regulation. Take heart! Our AMA rep has already reached out to Quan to start the re-application process, providing a list of questions the FAA would like answered about our site. No guarantee that we will ever get approved – but not a final “NO” at this stage either. The nationwide enforcement date requiring remote ID transponders has been pushed back to March 16, 2024 so even though we have this extension, members should still plan on getting at least one remote ID transponder. I have already seen 2 of them that members have found online, be careful what you order – if it’s not from a source you trust 110%, you may have been duped…

As we finish off September, I am again asking for new blood on the SEFSD board of directors.  We have one or two members stepping away from the board this year, and I’m looking for a couple of members who want to get involved with guiding the club for 2024. The only requirement is that you are a member and willing to meet in person or via ZOOM for a few hours each month to discuss club business – keeping us on track. The club is in a good place right now, but there is a risk as things getting stale if we don’t bring new blood into the BOD periodically.  If more than two people feel like they want to step up, we can have elections and see who the members wants to fill the position.
That being said, all positions are actually open for challenge.

Alan will be managing the next 50/50, so a few of you who haven’t won yet may have a better chance under his management.

I will be out of town this weekend and hope everyone has a great time at civilian scale day, the club meeting, and enjoys hotdogs!