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President’s Corner

This is a very serious issue for several reasons; the first is that this was the first that the club leadership had heard of either landing or contact with the SDPD and Lindberg Tower. To say that several of us were stunned is the least you could say! This issue is so serious that to try to ‘Bury It In The Sand’ is beyond reasonable thinking. Issues like this must be addressed and dealt with as quickly as possible or they WILL ESCALATE and become major issues forcing closing of the Sea World Drive Field in no time at all. To point out that we are now on thin ice with the management of Lindberg Field Tower until we can remedy the situation and create a positive working relationship with them is understatement and only one of many tasks facing us in the near term. We must still get on good terms with the FAA and SDPD Helicopter operations to assure the long term use of our flying field.

Currently our Board of Directors is formulating a plan to address these issues and remediate any animosity created in the past. They will need the 100% cooperation and assistance of all our members this year and in the years to come. If you feel you can not give 100% of your effort to saving our flying site, please quit now and go somewhere else. Thank you.

On another note.

I fear that the latest developments with the Lindberg Tower, SDPD, and FAA would prove to be too much for me to handle in the job as President. With the revelation that there was in fact a very serious problem with the Lindberg Field Tower, who controls the airspace around the city from 0-500 ft + the Class B airspace, I have decided that I can’t be President of the Silent Electric Flyer of San Diego any longer.

After spending the weekend thinking about the newest twist to our club predicament, I’ve decided I must resign the SEFSD Presidency as of now for personal health reasons.

Not an easy thing to do, but I am just not up to leading a battle to get things fixed up and creating a proper response the Lindberg Tower, FAA, and Parks and Rec. etc. And getting them to all allow us to continue on in a meaningful way while getting rid of the elements in the club that pull it down and create this kind of mess.

I wish you the best of luck and of course will support you and the club as best as I can in the future.

I will continue to host the Indoor Tuesday night Fly-Ins for now, and work to get Mike Morgan & possibly someone else to take over this responsibility.


Wayne Walker