Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

President’s Message for April 2014

Tim at OtayClub members, celebrate because we live in a weather paradise.  We could use more water in San Diego but since we cannot affect this too much let’s just enjoy our sun and beach environment and this Saturday all members are welcome to have some fun in the Foam Frenzy event followed by a general club meeting.
    The Foam Frenzy starts at 9 and runs until 11 at which time we will have a time to get current on all club activities and have a say in what happens in the near and long term.  Possible food to follow the meeting but not for sure at this time.  The weatherman says we will have 63 degree weather but we know that can be better, however come prepared.  Last months Poker Hand Fun fly was a great success and this should be just as much fun.
    The SDSU aerospace/engineering team, which has received mentoring from our club and specifically Pedro Brantuas over the years produced and test flew their aircraft in the Design, Build and Fly competition a few days ago at SEFSD.  It should be noted that of the 72 universities that brought aircraft to fly at Cessna headquarters in Wichita,  Kansas and SDSU finished a highly respectable 9th place.  This competition has teams from all around the world and it serves as a training ground for a lot of young students to get into the RC world and a career in aerospace and we should be proud to support this activity every year. UCSD also has a team and deserves our support if and when they call upon us.  Along those lines our relationship with Hi Tech High in Pt Loma is a good interface with young people that are looking for something other than  computer games etc to supply a new passion in their lives.  We should always look for ways to develop rapport and connections with young people as they are the future.  Usually we have a little show and tell with the aircraft and here’s hoping that they (SDSU Team)  will want to bring down the aircraft they developed and show us the tasks that had to be completed by each competitor.  
    The Alliant University Gym Monthly Event was very successful, last month, according to Steve Belknap.  Indoor kite flying was featured and well represented as well as small rubber band aircraft modelers.  One hundred and sixty dollars was collected from participants and that shows that we have some very good support for our investment that we approved at the start of the year.  I am very happy to see this support now and into the future.
    The current calendared events for May, 2014 are the following:   F5B Practice 12- 4 on May 18th Sun, EMAC or (Aerobatics clinic)  12 to 4 on Sun May 4th, Electroglide on the 17th from 9 to 10:30 and then finally a Fun Fly on Saturday the 31st followed by a general meeting.  Check out the calendar frequently as changes can and will occur and you don’t want to be surprised.  These activities in most part can be accomplished without field closure and must be approved (As I have indicated in my March message) by the board of SEFSD. The EMAC group and those that may or may not have an interest but want to learn more should assemble at around noon and I have a short presentation that might pique your interest in flying an aircraft with precision.  This clinic is brief and can work with any and all aircraft that you own and fly…….take advantage of this discussion/clinic.  
    Remember to fly safely and with respect for others and if you bring guests to fly at our SEFSD Mission Bay site be prepared to have the member and guest sign the book and prove AMA membership.  We do want to tighten-up this policy and we might as well get used to more accountability now and into the future at SEFSD.



See pics from the March Poker Fly here.

See pics from the Otay Lake Float Fly here.

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