Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

President’s Message for Dec 2014

Tim DecFinal 2014  President’s Message


Happy  Holidays to all of you lucky modelers that belong to one of the premiere  electric clubs in the nation.  2014 has been good to us at SEFSD on the  Bay.  We have made notable progress  to improve the flying  experience at SEFSD in 2013 and now in 2014 we have vastly improved the  parking lot surface, installed security pole barriers where needed along the  road into the pit area.   We see improved signage everywhere you  look.  Add to that our excellent table construction project led by  Chief Griffin and his construction team  completed, by the way,   at a very reasonable cost.  Jim Bonnardel and a few helpers have  accomplished the near impossible goal…… by grooming a simple dirt runway  to excellence while staying way below budget using a smart measured   approach.


Jim, as VP of  Fun, has cooked up a large variety of fun events open to all members  throughout the year.  “Something for everyone” has become the  standard!  We have had a chance to learn about, explore and get involved  with FPV flight, quadcopters, multi-rotor technology.  For sure you  will be seeing much more of this aspect of electric flight. In fact, SEFSD  members younger that 35 might want to look at the career possibilities in  the sUAS industry as it has a huge future.  For example, we have 3 D  robotics company, Raytheon Company, Qualcomm plus two universities using our  field for research and development.  This represents a very real win  win for SEFSD and these entities. 2015 will see a continuation of our  sponsorship of Hi Tech High in classroom aeronautical projects and will  offer test flying and training in radio control flight at our Site near  Seaworld in January of 2015.


The improving  quality of ready to fly equipment that abounds on the internet and elsewhere  (Discount Hobby) makes it so enticing to get involved in Radio Control  flying.  There is no doubt in my mind that all of this just mentioned will  play very well when we (SEFSD) eventually need to approach the ruler of our  air space, Lindberg Air Traffic Control tower.  It is a given that this  will come and I feel we have never been better prepared for this potential challenge to our flying site longevity.  Our status as a Gold Leader Club  (thank you Frank Gagliardi) will be easily maintained in 2015.  I  recommend we sustain this to further enhance our position when we eventually  establish a more permanent relationship with Lindberg ATC.


The SEFSD board  elect is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to the continuation of a  very positive member centered club, so with that being said, I would call  upon all 300 plus members to seriously consider what you, personally, as a  fun seeking, active member might consider contributing to SEFSD in 2015.   Come to me or Jim or Brad and offer your assistance in helping with  the 2015 events, maintenance of the field, providing food service to one  event during the year.  Perhaps you might offer to create an event or  co-create an event with another member.  The division of labor concept,  wherein members of a group share responsibility,  is a very healthy  thing to see in any organization.


Which brings me  to the recognition of two people that have had a decidedly positive impact  on our club.  Isabel and Paul Guidice have our finances and membership  in an excellent place. As treasurer?membership chairperson…husband and  wife teams go we could not be luckier. Thanks to this team we look very  professional!.  Paypal your membership to them and it is complete and  so easy…..take time to do that soon as we have a day when the club badges  will be handed out coming in January.


Steve Belknap  continues to excel with our web-site SEFSD. org and of course we enjoy Jim’s  companion Facebook page that many members post to  frequently.


I look forward  to a lesser role as “chairman of the board” and with a little more headroom  to do some other things that are important  to me.  I firmly  believe that with a “team effort” 2015 will be a memorable, enjoyable club  member experience that promotes all aspects of radio control flight in a  very safe positive manner under the rules of the Academy of Aeronautics and  the SEFSD by-laws.


Take care  everyone and hope to see you soon….. at Mission Bay ……enjoying this  wonderful hobby, with friendly people, in every possible  way.



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