Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

President’s Message for July/August 2014

TimComing up this Saturday, the 26th of July, we have the Bomb Drop Fun Fly for all club members.  With 100 dollars in prizes that are not performance based but random luck….you too could be a winner!  Jim has ordered the usual…. Subway Sandwiches and he is in charge of the event and no doubt will need a few volunteers to help out with food and or the event itself.  As always come and fly in the event or just come and be a spectator…..the food is for all club members and maybe a few guests.  This event is a lot of fun to watch and most kids get a kick out of it so bring those kids down to watch….plenty of food available.
    A club this large usually will have an extensive club instructor list for training new members.  We have a less formal plan.  When someone need a little help they look for friendly members that are at the field alot.  Jim Bonnardel, Dennis, George and Brad are at the field frequently and they invariably step up to help people that need information and even help flying new aircraft etc.  Another member comes to mind and that is John Forester.  He is always ready and willing with his trainer system both by appointment and occassionally without.  I would just like to commend  to all those that give of there time and talent assisting newcomers.  It is very much appreciated by the BOD and yours truly.  
    ABLE has been active much more active lately and as the summer pregresses we would be wise to watch for him and be willing to give way when he appears. Remember all full scale aircraft must strictly be avoided in all situations….Get low and or land your aircraft.  We are most likely going to be under some scrutiny in the future due to FAA actions and we need to be proactive as much as is possible.
    We will have our monthly General Meeting around 11 o’clock after the Bombs have been dropped…. all club topics are open for discussion so come and be heard.

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