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President’s Message for June 2014

Presidents Words for the Month

TimThe club members enjoyed a good time with Jim Bonnardel’s creative….”Bean Fun Fly Challenge”.  A good number of competitors and spectators showed up to the event and they were not disappointed.
What happened when 20 beans were placed in a small cup and the said cup was attached to an airplane and then the airplane took off and flew to 200 feet altitude, then did a loop, flew beneath a limbo tape about 5 feet high and cap it off with a precision landing in a circle, ….oh and then you had to have the beans still in the cup?  All items got scored and top prize was a 50 dollar gift certificate.  After finishing all the tasks and landed I expected to see many or at least some beans in my cup….nary a one was left.  BUMMER!  Did not see them depart and I am still pondering what mistake I must have made but the short of it is that I did not get a prize.
All club members in attendance were consoled with the famous NY Nathans Coney Island hot dogs following the event and we did have a short General Meeting of the membership and so we had Fun, Food and Info and we are sorry if you missed it.
Next week plan to come down with your Jet aircraft and join in with the next Club activity…..
    “Jet Day by the Bay”  June 28th, starting around 9 AM.  I have been preparing for this day for a long time and my SR 71 has been refurbished and prepped and tested the other day with more battery than a controller should be subjected to.  In other words when I go to full power/speed it could get interesting.  A BBQ is a definite maybe so mark your calendar so that you do not forget and miss it?!!
Membership is well above 300, we are staying within our budget for the year as a club, and we are having  fun with our events.  
The site has improvements that should make us proud, thanks to many folks that have contributed to this effort:
runway, fencing, tables, parking lot, signs… know who they are…say thanks when you get a chance.
Remember to fly safely within our area, quickly avoid full scale aircraft (ABLE) and live and let live by the Golden Rule….it works pretty well.



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