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President’s Message for Nov/Dec 2014

Tim Ray Wives


This will be my last message for the year and a new president will be taking over in January.  My plan next year is to travel more (  Ireland/Scotland for my 70th birthday !!), golf more and contribute more time, talent and treasure to a few of my favorite charities and my church.  I am thankful that our club officers have been excellent and that we have had some significant improvements in our flying site on Mission Bay.  The club  is in good shape for the coming year.

   The wide variety of events have been entertaining and have built a sense of camaraderie through the year.  In summary, I believe that 2014 was quite a nice year and 2015 will be even better for our 340 members.  I appreciate all the fine club members that have helped our club the last few years….you know who you are!
    Saturday, November 22nd is special in a number of ways……General Meeting…Last one of the year.

Agenda is:

  1.             Election of new officers    (see meeting minutes below)
  2.             Discussion of options for the Banquet

                       At this time we have the place:

                        St. Johns Episcopal Church Hall in Chula Vista
                        Larger capacity, more room than the Sweetwater Women’s Club
                        December 12, Friday from 5-6 PM  set up and 6- 8:30  PM  for dinner, Caterer to be chosen
                        Raffle or no Raffle issues, Charge to come or no Charge….?????

   Before and after will be some interesting happenings with the Photography Group and the FPV Spotlight  ( 11:30 approx) we have had an informational blast on this so I will keep it simple.    I know this has been shorter than some of my other messages but please come to the meeting tomorrow and take part in the discussion and help us make decisions.       I promise more detail on any and all of the  above at that time.   



(Editors Note:  Yes, the SEFSD calendar is not working.  Please be patient, it will be fixed soon.) 

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