Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

President’s Message for Oct./Nov. 2014

TimGet Ready!  This Saturday the 25th…… it all happens at SEFSD!!!

Rotor Day and FPV stuff with racing and challenge events to tweak your interest in this new aspect of model flying.  It all starts around 9 am so do not miss this learning experience that might turn into a spectacle.  When it is over we will have some prizes to give out and food to eat  following the General Meeting for the month of October.

The General Meeting will begin around 11:30 and we will be sharing the latest news related to SEFSD.  This also happens to be the meeting  where the SEFSD Board of Directors announces the slate for officers for the next year  2015. The election comes on November 22nd.   There are 8 positions including President, V President, Treasurer, Secretary, Safety Officer and 3 Members at Large and we have some people ready to fill those positions and we will also have open nominations from the floor of the General Meeting. We will also have some discussion of ides for this years end of the year Banquet, Field Party, or whatever we come up with……all ideas are welcome so come and bring some suggestions.

November 8th , a Saturday,  SEFSD will be honoring of the County Veterans with Warbird flying and the North County Winds Concert group will again visit and treat us to an outstanding concert for about 1 hour starting around 11 AM.  Our local support group, the Warrior Foundation, that we gifted last year will hopefully be in attendance and the board has voted a starter amount of $500.00 with other donations gladly accepted.  Special food will be prepared to help the celebration and we will have the honoring of the veterans on the field were all service branches are called out to be recognized.  More info will be coming shortly.  Be there for the VETERANS DAY  event.

Please write on your calendar and come and participate.


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