Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

President’s Message for Sept./Oct. 2014

Tim & rayGet Ready……the POKER FUN FLY  is back!!!   This Saturday —Sept 27th starting at 9:00 AM any flight will earn you a card from the deck which will maybe earn you a prize.  The prizes will be spendable gift certificates as well as another umbrella.  Any airplane will do and the best poker hands (five cards) out of 7 cards   (two throw aways) will get choice from the prize table.  Food is being planned so that around 11:00 AM we will wind up the event, have a general meeting and then enjoy some club chow.  Hope to see many of you  (Oh by the way we have grown to 344 members and we will not have enough food for that many so first come first served).

Silent Electric Flyer’s of San Diego OPEN HOUSE event is coming next month….early…Oct 11 and 12.  The plan is to have a great variety of events going from 9 am until 1 pm on Saturday to include:  Warbirds, Jets, multi-coptors, FPV, Helicopters, Aerobatics,  IMAC, Free Style, Altitude Challenge, Limbo Challenge, maybe Touch and Go Simplified….whatever we can dream up.  We also want to offer flight time on buddy box club trainers to the public….those that come because we will have advertised it to be a time to try out radio control flying.  Hopefully our event will sound interesting enough to draw a few young people with their parents to experience the thrill of flying objects.  We are thinking that this would be a good event to offer lunch to all that are in attendance with the limit probably being 99 lunches.  We need to keep this within our City permits so our lunch number will be finite at that number.  If this sounds like fun and you would like to get involved just approach one of the board members and give them your ideas,  volunteer to help out with the events.  This is your club and we all just want to have fun………no fear—– just jump in!  


On Sunday Oct 12th we are offering a SEFSD  BARTER DAY to run from 8 am until 12 pm and the club will be allowed to fly as normal and the Barter Section will be South end of the parking lot on the new decomposed asphalt area of the parking lot.  This area will be cordoned off to allow easy ups and tables to be placed and allow easy access to what club members want to see go to another owner.  You will not be setting up your stuff in the pit area.   DIG OUT THAT VALUABLE STUFF YOU ARE NO LONGER USING AND GET IT TO A NEW HOME….IT’S TIME!!!!  No food to be served but we might entice a Gourmet food truck or two to venture into the parking lot….no promises on that.

The Board wants to express thanks to Ray Fulks for his time and expertise as liaison to the City of San Diego and the Parks & Recreation for Mission Bay.  He has worked tirelessly securing permission to obtain new signage warning walkers to our West and now we have a new sign coming right on the apex of the turn.  It will be a large 48 by 36 sign announcing who we are when the public traffic leaves Sea World Drive to go to the boat ramp.  With all the airplanes etc. in the air we want them to stop wondering about us and know immediately   WHO WE ARE!

Possibly we will have a work session at the field in the near future……several hours to push broom in mass ( 8-10 brooms)  the area of loose soil on the runway, scoop it up in the wheel barrow, take it out and spread it and then Jim will hire the equipment to wet the runway and roll it.  For what it is worth, we have seemingly turned the corner on maintenance in that it has lasted much longer than we thought possible and each time we remove material and wet and roll the runway it gets better.(thanks Jim)   We are way under budget this year on this item and the future looks pretty good.

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of the elected board members for their dedication to maintaining order, function and FUN at SEFSD….and the steady flow of improvements that have come as a result of Chief Griffin, Tom and the others that have stepped up to promote, plan and execute the beautification and functionality of SEFSD.
Gentlemen…..take a bow you have earned it over and over!!!!   

 Remember to follow the rules of the club,
remind others to fly within our boundaries,
  wear your club badge and
keep your collective fingers crossed that the AMA (all Modelers) will prevail in our battle with the FAA rule makers

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