Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

President’s Message

Tim at LakeWelcome to the SEFSD newsletter number 2 and hopefully this finds you happy with your membership in 2014.  Much is going on at this point in the year with planning and implementing what will carry us forward into the year and I trust that you as members will not just rely upon the elected board members to get things done.  A clubs strength comes from a commitment by many rather than a few.  Time to make suggestions and then become part of the action plan to make them happen.
    The Board of Directors (9 this year) have met three times as this goes out to the membership.  We have been looking at various issues, budgetary items, calendar of events and so on and I would like to divide it into 7 sections to bring the members up to date.
    Number 1 we have filed our re -chartering paperwork and a “currency report” to the AMA pertaining to our Gold Leader Club Status and we have 16 elements to complete to obtain that status for 2014.  Much of it is in place and we need to cross the it’s and dot the it’s as the year progresses.  Appreciation for getting this done last year should go to our past president Frank Gagliardi as he was the driving force behind Gold Leader.  We need this for the future because eventually AMA will require us to reach out to Lindberg Air Traffic Control and we want to look our best.
    Number 2 we have reached out successfully, it would seem, to SDPD ABLE unit and for now it looks good for reinstatement of several events including next months Electro-Glide.  We met with FAA Steve Nelson, he made suggestions for how to approach them and I called the Sergeant of ABLE and asked how we could make amends and get along and he was very helpful.  He has my phone number to call if he has any concerns about our flying.  Please remember to get down very low when any full scale aircraft is in our vicinity.
    Number 3 we have been looking at the AMA grant process to help pay for our recent improvements.  Spending last year could be included so the new fence and table totaled about 4000.00 and we could get 10% back or ($400.00) from the AMA.  What are the chances, it is anyone’s guess, it won’t hurt us that I am AMA AVP for Southern California. We are working on the paperwork to secure that Grant Application by March 1, 2014.
    Number 4 we will have reviewed the budget proposal by Treasurer Paul Guidice by the time this gets out to you and I believe that we have the possibility of about $16,000 income and about the same in expenses which could find us with a balanced budget for the year. We will use the proposed budget as a dashboard to guide us through 2014 and make adjustments and report them to you at general meetings along the way.  We have approved laying down a large capital investment in asphalt grindings to improve the road in and to reduce the dust production near the Spanky.
    Number 5 relates to the events that will be conducted during the year at SEFSD and Jim Bonnardel has been looking at the schedule from last year and talking to members and we will have something much more definitive in the near future.  Most importantly the general meetings will be conducted at 11:30 AM at the field each month on the fourth Saturday.
Will we have events on those days?… could happen.  A process for getting an event will be determined at the BOD meeting the night before this coming General meeting that is oh!, by the way taking place on Feb 22nd……tomorrow….Saturday…..11:30 AM.  Come to this meeting and hear more about what the plan will be.  
    Number 6 is having to do with field maintenance and it should be noted that Chief Don Griffin has been designated the Field Marshall and will oversee improvements.  Jim Bonnardel, Vice President of SEFSD has been designated as the Runway Manager and any work done on the runway must be approved by him.  Our main asset as a club is the flying site and all that it is and could become.  Please treat it with tender loving care and pitch in to help when the opportunity arises.  The BOD plans to financially back these improvements into 2014 and the future and I think it is money very well spent.
    Number 7 I would just like to remind the club members that next Wednesday February 26th at 8 am the first Float Fly at Otay Lakes in Chula Vista is going to be happening.  Get those floats on those airplanes and get out there.  Ray (the donut man) will be there and maybe food from the CV club for lunch…it should be a good time and you should not miss it if you are available……I know some of us still work on Wednesdays…Comp Day?…feeling a little under the weather?   I have a new Dehaviland Beaver to test fly and that should be exciting and worth your time.  Anyway, come if you can the weather is predicted to be perfect.
    Well let’s call that a wrap and see you on Saturday at 11:30 AM at SEFSD club site for Q and A on any of the above.

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