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Prez’ Sez’ for February 2013

Frank n Jet“Are we having fun yet”?……..Seems that I ask myself that quite a bit lately, with conventions to attend, musical rehearsals and performances, meetings, the daily life of a bachelor, keeping up with growing grand kids, customer building projects and on and on………Sometimes I actually get time to fish and fly!


One item that has been consuming a lot of my mental time is the question of FPV’s,  There is no question that this segment of our hobby/sport has created a new set of challenges both in operation and control. With that in mind, let me share some thoughts with you.
First…In concert with AMA and club guidelines, FPV flight requires two sets of eyes. One “under the hood” and one using unaided vision. I’m speaking of the co-pilot…………Now let me make this clear……IF THE CO-PILOT CANNOT SAFELY SEE THE A/C TO TAKE OVER IN THE EVENT OF A PROBLEM YOU AS THE PILOT ARE FLYING TOO FAR FROM OUR FIELD BOUNDARIES……Let common sense and Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) rules be your guide.
Second……Extended hovering ( more than 30 sec.) over the active runway IS NOT SAFE…..Leave that area free for those a/c that cannot stop in mid-air!   Again, common sense….Keep in mind that heli’s flying “in the pattern” will be also utilizing the runway………..Do your hovering over the grass edge of the runway……..It’s much safer!


Third….. With almost 270 members, we have to be very aware of what is going on around us……We have for the most part a great group of fliers and very few problems that cannot be worked out. But, it’s up to each and everyone member to take ownership of the field and be sure that we are all flying every discipline in a safe and sane manner……………………………..NOW GO OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN!


Tim Attaway, your Vice- President will be conducting the club meeting at the field this Saturday……..I have a rehearsal (go figure)….I’m sure he will address what I have put down and other important points.


Lastly, We will be flying indoor on Friday the 22nd…………………If you haven’t been to Alliant, you should ………Speaking of indoor, we will be hosting a San Diego first in August. An E-FEST for both indoor and outdoor flying. Right now I’m in the planning stages and am asking for members who would like to help. I’ll be sending out some job descriptions and I know we have the talent in the club to make this event happen…….More on that later…………


Semper Fi

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