Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Prez’ Sez’ for March/April 2013

DetailerAt the indoor meeting held on the 19th at Padre Gold, we were offered an opportunity to help with our ongoing civic functions. Rod Mikesell, a guest and Scout Leader invited us to display our wares at an upcoming Boy Scouts Jamboree in July at Camp Mataguay near Warner Springs. It will be a one day event for us with static and flying demos’. If you are interested in participating, contact me. By the way…….This is now part of our on-going Gold Leader program. Oh, did I fail to mention that WE ARE NOW A GOLD LEADER CLUB! I received conformation by mail this week…………..  CONGRATULATIONS to all who helped make this possible……..    Only about 1% of all AMA clubs “reach for the gold”. ….


Soon there will be additional signage at each flight station with boundary limits indicated…..Please observe these limits. We as a club CANNOT tolerate ANY form of air vehicle flying over Fiesta Island or any other area that threatens our existence……Do I make myself clear?


Lastly….. Plans for the August E-Fest will now start taking shape. If you are an indoor flyer and want to help…………….Contact me……I am planning a meeting for those who offered to help on Friday April 12th 7 PM at my hanger………Once again………..Congratulations!
Semper Fi

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