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SEFSD President Editorial: Elections, elections, elections!

Oh my… have you had enough yet?  This is a pretty big political year and I’m sure the rhetoric of this election season is wearing on many of you.     So, what do I have to talk about this month?  That’s right, elections!
Away from our national elections for president, in the coming months we have some decisions to make much closer to home.  First, your club’s election cycle is fast approaching. Nominations are accepted in October, for our November election.  I would sincerely ask you to consider taking a leadership role in the club by nominating yourself for the board election. This year is my 2nd consecutive term as your president, and I cannot run for Pres.  next year. Per the bylaws, your existing board will announce their support for candidates for the board for 2017 once nominations are made.
What we need your support and effort on more than ever now, is the AMA Elections that are coming up. Our own friend, and District 10 VP Lawrence Tougas is running for AMA President.   Lawrence has been a friend to SEFSD and a great VP for us. You may recall Lawrence came to our club for a visit when VP elections were up, and we successfully assisted him in winning his office against another local club’s president. His credentials in aeronautical engineering and experience with full scale aircraft in the private and public sectors are impressive.  Lawrence works with a major domestic airline and has seen, ?rst hand, how airlines that can adapt to rapidly changing business environments stay alive and those that do not either get gobbled up or liquidated.  I feel it is our relationship with Lawrence that is helping him to understand the needs of the FPV, multi-rotor, and technology-based pilots.  His roots are strong in the traditional roles of the AMA and its membership, but with our club he has seen that there are big numbers in AMA members that are taking the technology paths with UAV’s.  I am confident he will act on behalf of our members with the highest level of dedication.
Interesting development…  It seems that there is a person from the state of Florida, who could not complete their own paperwork in time to be considered an official candidate for AMA President,  that is mounting a campaign called “Take back the AMA”.  I strongly urge you to dismiss those campaign promises and hype, and vote with logic and within the bylaws of the AMA and not participate in any write in campaign you will likely read about in the near future.
To recap, please consider running for SEFSD office for 2017, and cast your vote in the upcoming AMA elections for president with me, for Lawrence Tougas.
See you at the field,
Jim Bonnardel