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The Prez’ Sez’ for January 2013

Frank ChamberlainHappy New Year to you all!


Please be aware that access to the field on Saturday the 2nd may be difficult due to an “event” that is closing the South Shores parking lot…….


As you all know, a Release of Liability signed by club members and guests is required by the city. You as members sign this document when you renew. Guests and their member/sponsor will now find this requirement a little easier now with the new Guest Log located under the Information board at the field. All that is now necessary to do is to enter the current date, have the member/sponsor sign in and have the guest sign in and enter their AMA #. No more forms to get lost or mislaid or run out of. This is important! It is our way of showing the “city suits” that we are in compliance…….It only takes a moment and it assures you as a member that your guest is LEGAL….Thanks…….


We are averaging about 25 fliers on the last Friday of the month at Alliant…..The venue is great, the flying is great and with our new guest policy of charging $10 per night, we suddenly picked up 8 new members! It was the old Italian “I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse”! Seriously tho’…..It’s a much better deal….we all win…….


There was much discussion at the last Board of Directors meeting regarding FPV / Autonomous flight. I have tasked Steve Neu and Ray Fulks to help me formulate sensible guidlines. With help from Jim Bonnerdel and others involved with FPV’s I’m sure we will come up with a workable solution. Until then FPV activities will be conducted under the current AMA guidelines and field rules. I prefer that all “autonomous flight” of any type be curtailed until further notice….. I know that this will”raise the skirts” of some members, but I as president have to consider the whole picture and what is best for ALL the members.


With that said……………..HAVE FUN ANYWAY!…..”GO 49er’s!………See you at the field!


Semper Fi

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