Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

The Prez’ Sez’ for June/July 2013

Frank at OtayI do believe summer has finally arrived……I know this because Steve Belknap and I recently returned from Phoenix where we were test-flying an exciting manual/autonomous aircraft designed for off-shore use………At 7pm, which is when we flew it was STILL 99 degrees with 3% humidity!………”BUT IT’S A DRY HEAT”……..B.S……IT’S STILL HOT!…Which brings me to this……July 23rd is our indoor meeting at Padre Gold……The “Bird” we flew will be there……..If you want to see where electric R/C is going, be there…..There will also be some other surprises to make it a fun evening………With 306 members on board, I’m sure asking 20% is not out of the question……


I’m a “newbie” when it comes to autonomous flight, but I received a real education during the Phoenix trip. One thing I learned is that some sort of flight proficiency program is necessary when it come to setting up parameters for manual/autonomous flight. Steve and I spent one full 8 hr day just getting familiar with all the on-board diagnostics. So I don’t think that just laying out $$$$$$ is all you need to do. We have members that have spent a lot of time AND $$$$$ learning what it takes to successful and SAFE…..I task those members to take the lead and pass on their hard-earned knowledge to those wanting to try manual/autonomous flight. You notice I keep referring to the MANUAL portion of this system, because AMA 560 spells out that line-of-sight and manual control MUST be two segments that CANNOT be compromised. I guarantee most of you have never seen what we plan to present at the Padre Gold meeting, so if I’ve “peaked” your interest…….BE THERE!


Semper Fi

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