Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

The Prez’ Sez’ for March 2013

Frank n ME 262Details,Details,Details, the “Devil is in the Details”!……….  You’ve probably heard this saying before, well that is the theme of our next indoor meeting which will be held on March 19th, 7PM at Padre Gold, where we had our Christmas dinner. A couple of weeks ago Steve Manganelli after flying his ARF Spitfire approached me with his request to help him “detail” his Spit’. I had done a weathering and detailing session once before for the SEFSD and it went quite well, so………….since Steve offered his pit’ to be the “Guinea Pig” I mean “subject, we’ll see what happens! You would be amazed what you can do to an ARF, besides fly it. Don Rice, a prolific detailer will add some of his ideas……Wait ’till you see his P-47 wing!….If you have something to share on this subject, by all means SHARE IT……


We will also spend some time discussing the upcoming E-Fest and how you can help. I plan to have a sign-up sheet with various job titles and I hope you will consider adding your talents to the various areas.


If his health will allow, I have also asked Dave Katagiri to entertain us with his exploits in the R/C, Drone, Space program and military days………..


So, it should be a great evening……………..Please try to attend…
Semper Fi

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