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The Prez’ Sez’ for May 2012

Frank Indoor First let’s talk about gate protocol………………..We all know that trying to enact “gate closed behind you” won’t work. So let’s be realistic about this……………IF YOU ARE THE LAST CLUB MEMBER TO LEAVE THE FIELD, CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATE. If you observe someone in a vehicle when you are about to leave, kindly inform them that you plan to lock the gate. If they refuse to leave……………..LOCK THEM IN!….I can assure you, they’ll find a way out.

Second…….SAFETY…….We had a close call and near miss involving a pedestrian and an out of control A/C a few weeks back. We all

Clean Carpetsknow that there are times when things happen that are out of our control, but ALWAYS keep this in mind. The aircraft you are flying doesn’t know how great or how poor a pilot you are! It only knows it’s last command. If you are flying something beyond your capabilities you are asking for trouble and if you as a bystander see this about to happen and don’t offer help or guidance YOU are letting an accident get ready to happen. ’nuff said

Third…….Station #7..( there is no such thing any longer)…If you feel you need the visual reference of being at the east most boundary of the field, then use that open area for your takeoff or landing. There is no model size restriction. Notice I said open area, as the fence is there for your protection, please use it! If you are struck by a wayward A/c and you are NOT behind the safety net, don’t expect the AMA to be very sympathetic. Or the club officers for that matter.

Fourth…………..Keep June 15th at 7-10 pm open for a new indoor experience at a new and very large facility!  Check out this pic. More info’ to follow……………….Have Fun……………….Be Safe
Semper Fi

Let’s all give Jim Bonnardel a big pat on the back for spending several hours cleaning the carpets for the rest of us!! THANKS JIM!! -Ed.

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