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The Prez’ Sez’ for September 2012

Frank n ME 262This has been a VERY busy month, and with that said, I’ll try to hit some of the highlights.
First…..Congratulations to the Jet Day at the Bay winners. Steve Dente, Neil Harland and Dennis Benitez!….although all who attended are winners in my book.  You can see pics here.

Second…..The list of club mentors/instructors is as follows:

Pre-Flight/Ground School: John Forester  619-644-5481

John gives a very thorough pre-flight, covering all the basics of flight and club flight rules.I would like to have ALL new pilots see him first BEFORE starting dual time with flight instructors.

Basic Flight Instructors are:

Tom Rainwater  858-578-6980

Jeff Struthers  858-922-6734

Fred Daugherty  619-224-8955

Frank Gagliardi  858-271-4430

Jim Bonnardel  858-292-5518

I’m aware that many members are equally qualified to help instruct, but this list has been created to hopefully offer some continuity of instruction. This list will be posted at the field. If approached by a guest/potential member for help, please refer them to this list. Let’s give this a try……………….We can always “tweak it” if necessary.

November 11th 2012 will be the date for our first VETERANS DAY SALUTE FLY-IN! I’ve been doing this for a number of years with the Miramar club and it’s about time that the SEFSD salutes the service and sacrifice of all our past and present military members.More info’ will be given at the Sept 22nd meeting at the field.

Plans right now call for October 16th to be a general meeting at the  American Legion on Genesee Ave. Our previous guest Gen. Cardenas will be a hard act to follow, but…………………plan to attend this one, as our special guest will be not only an accomplished modeler, but a former member of the 22nd Regimental Combat Team from WW II. The most highly decorated unit in the history of the Army. There is much more I could tell you, but you’ll just have to see and hear for yourself.

Lastly…………..A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those members who “jump” when I ask for help!…….You’re a great bunch!
Semper Fi

Poker Flyer

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