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Safety Corner for August 2019

So far there is little new news to report on the process of getting a LOA (Letter Of Authorization) from the Lindberg tower. We have submitted our letter and after from prodding from Quan, did get an acknowledgement that they had received our letter. They only said that they would be writing their own version and that they would be back in touch at some point in the future. So for now we can continue to as we have. 
Some things that we can do to bolster our standing is to be proactive in making sure every member gets their FAA number and puts them on all their models. The requirements are pretty easy—the numbers need to be on an external surface of the model—there is no size requirement. If you don’t have one you can pick up an inexpensive label maker like this Brother label maker: I expect that at some point we might get a visit from some FAA people and it would be in our best interests to be able to show that we all are complying with the new rules.
If you have not already started the process please visit this AMA web link and start the process. The FAA will charge you $5 which will get you a number that is good for 3 years.
Finally we need to get used to the fact that for gliders and larger planes that operate at higher altitudes spotters will need to become routine. Please follow this link and review the “see and avoid” document from the AMA: I can’t stress enough that full size manned aircraft have the absolute right of way at all times!  Having a spotter is a fun way to share your flying with your friends.
Fly safe!
Steve Neu
SEFSD 2019 Safety Officer